March 1, 2022 -- Volume 21, No. 3
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5 Things to Remember About the Home Office Deduction

The pandemic caused many small business owners to abandon their offices—and the rent for them—in favor of working from home and allowing staff to do the same. If you operate your business from home, as do about half of all small businesses, you may be able to deduct some of the personal costs of your home as a business expense. Read More
Business Owners Need to Plan for Personal Catastrophe
Much emphasis is placed on business planning and what a business should do if there’s a catastrophe. Hopefully, business owners have done this... But how much thought is given to planning for a personal disaster—an owner’s illness (or illness of a spouse, child, or other close family member), a divorce, or a death in the family? Read More
Startup Ideas for Success: Finding Money

You may have a great idea for a business. It may be just the thing to solve a problem. Maybe you’re on a mission to save the world. Perhaps you have a better mouse trap. Whatever the reason that gets you going, be sure you have the capital needed to get started and sustain your activities until your revenue stream is reliably solid. Read More
Buy or Lease Vehicles and Equipment: Which Option Is Better?

In the market for a new truck for your business? Need expensive equipment now? Should you buy it or lease it? There’s no right answer; it depends on your situation. There are financial and tax considerations for both choices. Read More
Retirement Planning
Making Changes Now to Your 401(k) Plan

One of the most popular types of qualified retirement plans for businesses large and small is the 401(k) plan. It is funded mainly by employees through salary reduction contributions. Depending on the type of 401(k) plan used, employers may or must make certain contributions to employees’ accounts. Given the tight labor market and employers looking for ways to enhance their compensation packages to employees, now is a good time to consider making changes to your 401(k) plan. Read More
Big Tax Break for Section 1202 Stock: Which Businesses Qualify?

Tax breaks are being pared, but one that remains is the ability of certain corporations to issue stock that owners will eventually be able to sell tax free. Gain on the sale of qualified small business stock, or QSBS (also called Section 1202 stock after the section in the Tax Code governing it) may be excludable up to $10 million from gross income. But there are many conditions for this tax break to apply. Read More
Can You Trust these Business Colloquial Expressions?

You’ve heard the phrases that have become cliches in business parlance, such as cash is king. They are repeated as if they are always correct. But are all of these phrases to be accepted as rules to follow? Let’s see… Read More
A Company Dating Policy?

Despite the persistence of the pandemic and the fact that some many employees continue to work remotely, Valentine’s Day is still a time for romance, and a reminder for employers to think about company policy that will help guard against sexual harassment violations and perhaps even hurt feelings. Understand the prevalence of office romances and whether and how you should regulate them to the extent possible…and legal. Read More
This Month's Featured Guest Blogs
Why Now Is the Time to Renovate Your Office Space
by James Beale
For many businesses, 2021 has proceeded with the same uncertainty that plagued much of 2020. With lockdowns still in effect and the vaccine rollout taking time, many employees are still working from home, leaving workplaces vacant or under-utilized. Read More
Start Shipping Sustainably in 4 Steps
by Sendle
If you want to stand out in a crowded marketplace while saving money, shipping sustainably is a great strategy. You’ll connect with customers who care about the environment, investing in the future and your small business at the same time. Here are some easy ways to get started. Read More
Savvy Strategy for Your Business Video Marketing in 2022
by Amy Hogan
Video marketing has become a truly powerful digital marketing tool. It can be the key to brand development and is almost mandatory for successful promotion campaigns. Videos increase engagement, improve CTR, brand awareness, and lead generation. By 2022, approximately 82% of all online traffic will be covered by video content. Read More
How to Manage Compliance and Security While Using SaaS in a Healthcare Business?
by Rahul Varshneya
Almost 78% of small businesses have invested in SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) technology, and the adoption of SaaS in the healthcare industry has increased by 20% annually. As a result of COVID-19, there’s been increased reliance of virtual visits and telehealth, which means the use of technology needs more attention. With the adoption of SaaS comes the need for a robust security and compliance. Read More
Preparing for Filing Your Business Tax Return and Tax Changes in the 2022 Filing Season
It's an annual chore: filing income tax returns for your business. This includes filing federal income tax returns, as well as state and local returns, for businesses and for owners. There is no way to avoid this chore. The best way to handle this responsibility is to be prepared and get started as soon as possible.
5 New Things to Note on Your 2021 Business Return
Income taxes are a perennial chore for business owners. While many tax items—deductions, credits, etc.—have new limits for 2021 due to cost-of-living adjustments and new laws, certain new items stand out. Don’t overlook the following:
5 Things to Know About the Home Office Deduction
The pandemic caused many small business owners to abandon their offices—and the rent for them—in favor of working from home and allowing staff to do the same. If you operate your business from home, as do about half of all small businesses, you may be able to deduct some of the personal costs of your home as a business expense.
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It’s that dreaded season of the year. It’s tax time. So what does that mean for you, as a small business owner? It’s time to get ready. The most important tax thing you can do right now is plan out what you need to do! Getting ready for tax time isn’t a big thing, it’s a lot of little things, little things that relate from one to the next.
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