Dear Colleague,

The Rowan Integrated Special Needs (RISN) Center has prepared a very informative 32-page booklet titled, Women's Health and What Every Woman Should Know, which provides updated and expanded information on the "Let's Talk About Health: What Every Woman Should Know" workbook that was prepared by The Arc of New Jersey in 1996.The RISN publication provides a wealth of information on women's health that will be helpful to women with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). 

These are some of the topics covered in the new Women's Health booklet: 
  • Making an appointment
  • What to discuss with your provider
  • The 5 P's: Permission, Privacy, Pleasure, Protection, Planning Pregnancy (or not)
  • The breast exam
  • The pelvic exam
  • Dexa scan
  • Mammogram 
  • Healthy relationships

There is a two-page form in the RISN booklet that could be useful for women with disabilities -- and also for men -- as well as for their support staff, in preparation for any type of medical appointment. The form is titled, "Today's Health Care Visit," and it has space to fill in the type of information that will be helpful in preparing for the individual's upcoming health care appointment. There is also a place on the form to write down the take-away information from that appointment, including any medication or diet changes; treatment plan recommendations; plans for follow-up; etc.

The Women's Health workbook was funded (or funded in part) by an Inclusive Healthy Communities (IHC) grant from the Division of Disability Services, New Jersey Department of Human Services. 
Please share this information with others who may also be interested.

Thank you.


Beverly Roberts
Director, Mainstreaming Medical Care
The Arc of New Jersey
985 Livingston Avenue
North Brunswick, NJ 08902
Direct line and fax: 732.246.2567
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