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helmet-goggles September 22, 2017

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The last two weeks at Tailwheel Town
I bid a fond farewell to Claudia Childs the other day.  Claudia was the last Ladies Love Taildraggers scholarship recipient to come to Tailwheel Town this year and it was indeed a pleasure working with her on her tailwheel endorsement.  Plus, as sometimes happens, she had a chance to fly with one of my friends in another friend's airplane.  She got to fly

Claudia in "Clyde".

with Chris Tatro, an ag pilot who has been instrumental in allowing some of my students to fly formation, if briefly, with his Turbine Thrush.  Chris is a flier who I respect and trust.  I
Claudia and Chris in Ron Copeland's cool "Sooper Cub".
was delighted to see Claudia get to fly with him.  They flew in Ron Copeland's kinda Super Cub homebuilt which has excellent performance.  It was a great opportunity for Claudia and I'm really glad she got a chance to take advantage of it.
Old friend Jeff Taylor started his Tailwheel Endorsement in "Clyde".  As suspected, it has been a lot of fun and promises
Jeff Taylor with "Clyde".
to be more.  Although daughter Janet has dibs on the first dual flight, Jeff will take his final Tailwheel Endorsement flight in our new Piper Super Cruiser, which is sort of a Super Cub whose back seat is on steroids.  I flew to Helena, Montana, to pick it up and was royally hosted by a great father and son team in Helena from whom the Piper was purchased to be the new tailwheel trainer.  I flew it to Idaho to visit with old pal, Jim Mateski.
Brian and Jim on the way back from Idaho.
Jim and I flew the PA12 back from Idaho and got here just a couple of days ago in time to make sure that daughter Janet got the first flight in it.  We had a lot of issues with the com and ICS, so it was a quick ride around the patch, but there will be more!  Eventually the PA 12 will replace the 140, but there will be a period of time when we're working on the Piper, so "Clyde" will still be flying.

Janet and Jim during a previous photo shoot with Jim's PA 12.

New Article on the site:

Brian landing the Schweizer 2-32 at Sunriver.

This week's new article is " Energy Management".  Its a subject which is common to all of aviation, so we'd better be familiar with how to manage energy.

Old Article:

 #46, " Too Windy to fly".  This is one of those articles which I sometimes tend to forget about, but which does contain some issues that we all ought to think about more often.  Plus, it has some very interesting comments from some aviators whose ideas and abilities I respect.  It's worth another look.




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