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helmet-goggles June 1, 2018

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The last two weeks at Tailwheel Town

N2184V is gone.  The Cessna 140 that I used for so long is being replaced by the other Cessna 140 which I flew 
One of the later pics that Bert Garrison took of the Cessna 140.

back to Tailwheel Town from Denver.  It and the now-flying PA12 Super Cruiser will handle all the flight training.  I'll keep everyone posted when the new 140 is finished.
Kevin Leavitt and the Super Cruiser.

Airline pilot Kevin Leavitt and I have been communicating for about three years and he finally got here. We've had a big time working on one-wheel work at Madras.  We ran into Phil Comingore, who was easily talked into taking some pics of us in formation.
The PA12 near Madras (photo by Phil Comingore).

My friends Gayle Crowder and Mike Dennis showed up in Mike's 172 and Mike and I flew the PA12 together and had a great time.
Mike Dennis and I in the PA12 (photo by Gayle Crowder).

Precise Flight's "Pulselight" has been installed in the PA12 and is a great addition.  One of the nice things about it is that you can select virtually any combination and speed of pulsing of just about any light on the aircraft. It's a great addition and really increases visibility and safety.
Janet in the PA12. (Photo by Brian Lansburgh)

The week ended with a great formation flight.  Janet Lansburgh flew the PA12 and changed lead and wing
positions with Gary Moss, who flew his 182.  They both did a great job and I was particularly thrilled with the quality of Janet's flying as she transitioned from echelon left to echelon right with all the aplomb of an experienced formation pilot.
Gary Moss' Cessna 182 over the "Catbox" during a formation flight with Janet Lansburgh (photo by Brian Lansburgh)

And a sad note:  I don't usually report on deaths in this newsletter, but one of my very favorite aviators has gone West.  Dick Dennis was known to my readers for the wonderful picture of him taken when just a cadet.  He was later flying P-51s in rehearsal for the invasion of Japan that never happened toward the end of WW2.  For years, he and his lovely wife, Marilyn, would fly up to Sunriver in their Bonanza.  So long, old friend and thank you for all you did... and for your friendship.

Dick Dennis

  This week's new article on the Tailwheeler's Journal: 

Engine Failure
".   We all practice for this possibility, but perhaps we should also take a closer look at this event which can happen to anyone and at any time.

An Older Article :
" Early Morning Meeting" is this week's previously posted  article. This is one of my favorites and I will never forget the morning that Hooper and I met Jim Lovell.  

(left:  Jim Lovell, the commander of Apollo 13)

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