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helmet-goggles October 20, 2017

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The Last Two Weeks at Tailwheel Town
It's been an interesting two weeks at Tailwheel Town.  Barry Foote and I have been working on the PA12 and two new
Marc in the Irrigation Pivot.
tailwheel pilots are now gracing the skies.  Marc Limmany did a terrific job with his endorsement and Anke Jaspers came all the way from Germany to fly here.  Both have new
Anke with "Clyde".
Tailwheel Endorsements to add to their considerable accomplishments.


New Article on the site:  

 "What's Important to YOU" is this week's article.  It's just a bit of a musing, but it's something that has always fascinated me.
Hooper Lansburgh and his pals sailing in the USVI.

Old Article
We get back to where we were about four weeks ago and post the second article about wind.  "Too Calm to Fly" is from my pal, Gayle Crowder.  Gayle has come a long way and is now flying an Aircoupe up in Scappoose, where she is now employed with Oregon Aero.  David Prince, a pilot who I think is pretty talented, is now her flight instructor.  I kinda like this article and I hope you will, too.  I've also enjoyed reviewing the comments about it.
Gayle and David prepare to take a flight in her Aircoupe.


The Tailwheeler's Journal is proud to team with Oregon Aero in our quest to promote safer pilots through  development of greater flying skill. Remember, every pilot who completes a Tailwheel Endorsement or Stick and Rudder Master Class at Tailwheel Town will receive a complimentary Headset Upgrade Kit from Oregon Aero.

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