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No are ya feeling right now? I've got a question for ya. Do you have a Spiritual practice? And have you been consistent with it? I fall off my practice from time to time. February is the time to focus on your Spiritual practice and your connection with the Divine. It's time to take back your power and lead your life! And of course, focus on co-creating with the Divine. If you'd like like assistance with your meditation practice, join us in the Meditation Café. Or if you enjoy journaling, check out the daily journal here.

Speaking of connecting with the Divine, creating a relationship with the Divine is one of the multitude of experiences you'll have during the Live On Purpose Course. You have one more chance to participate in the this course as doors close on February 5th! See the information below and grab your spot before it sells out. Pssst...a YOUTH EDITION of this Course is coming soon. Click here to be the first to know.

Some of you asked, "what is ThetaHealing®?" Read the analogy and how YOU can benefit from a session (see below). This is only for those who are serious about changing their lives.

If you missed last week's discussion, "How You're Creating What You Don't Want," click here and you can catch-up! You're invited to join the discussion each Monday at 7pmEST on YouTube.

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LAST CALL! Doors close on Feb. 5th
There's only a few spots left in the Live On Purpose Course. AND it's discounted during this time from $500 to only $425! Need a payment plan? Let's talk.

Here's the've changed and now you may be asking yourself -- what's next? Well, that's one discovery you'll have during this 8-week virtual group course.

Wanna see what it's all about? Go to and you can read for yourself along with what past participants are saying about their experience.
What IS ThetaHealing®?
A ThetaHealing® session allows us to see the new path or way, where we couldn’t see it before because the subconscious “program” was blocking it from our vision.

Once the old way is cleared and the new way is exposed, we now know what gets to be DONE (action), and we get to make our way through the “forest” of life creating a new path.

The first few times we walk that path, we may have to leave ourselves markers and cut some brush out of our way.

Once we’ve walked it a few times, the path starts to clear and become very easy.

After a little while it widens to the point where no more thought is necessary to walk that path and it is just easy and effortless. 

Everything that’s new takes an adjustment and a bit of trial and error, so keep going and continue taking notes and leaving markers regarding the lessons along the way, and before you know it the new way is easy effortless. Life IS easy if we allow it to be easy. We can move with ease, grace, and JOY if we choose.


Here's what people are saying after their ThetaHealing® session:

"When Karmen did her Theta Healing Session on me I did not know what to expect. During the session, I felt an extreme emotional release. I released both emotional and spiritual blocks. Karmen also was able to share with me a sweet, loving, visual of me and my dad who has passed. Since then, I have shifted and feel I am now on a different plane of existence. I have the sense of seeing things from above and how I am able to see the world of possibilities and big picture of it all!" — Jen

"My theta healing sessions with Karmen was beautiful and transformative. Giving God (Creator) permission, through Karmen, to remove blocks from my life (that have been holding me hostage since childhood) miraculously gave me the freedom I needed to let them go! The messages I received were profound and healed something in my soul. It was emotional for me in the best kind of way. An extremely validating and healing experience I would recommend to anyone! Thank you, Karmen!" — Kim Weiss 

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