The Review of Higher Education

A Special Issue: Activism in the Woke Academy: Scholars Review the Last Half-Century

Co-edited by D-L Stewart and Lori D. Patton
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Note from the Editors
D-L Stewart, Lori D. Patton
pp. 1-3

Reaching Back to Move Forward: The Historic and Contemporary Role of Student Activism in the Development and Implementation of Higher Education Policy
Katherine I. E. Wheatle, Felecia Commodore
pp. 5-35

"A Student Should Have the Privilege of Just Being a Student": Student Activism as Labor
Chris Linder, Stephen John Quaye, Alex C. Lange, Ricky Ericka Roberts, Marvette C. Lacy, Wilson Kwamogi Okello
pp. 37-62

Ferguson's Black Radical Imagination and the Scyborgs of Community-Student Resistance
Amalia Dache
pp. 63-84

But Is It Activist?: Interpretive Criteria for Activist Scholarship in Higher Education
Charles H.F. Davis III, Jessica C. Harris, Sy Stokes, Shaun R. Harper
pp. 85-108

Institutional Response as Non-Performative: What University Communications (Don't) Say About Movements Toward Justice
Dian Squire, Z Nicolazzo, Rosemary J. Perez
pp. 109-133

The Diversity Distraction: A Critical Comparative Analysis of Discourse in Higher Education Scholarship
derria byrd
pp. 135-172

An Inconvenient Truth About "Progress": An Analysis of the Promises and Perils of Research on Campus Diversity Initiatives
Lori D. Patton, Berenice Sánchez, Jacqueline Mac, D-L Stewart
pp. 173-198

Professors' Pedagogical Strategies for Teaching Through Diversity
Milagros Castillo-Montoya
pp. 199-226

California Sunset: O'Connor's Post-Affirmative Action Ideal Comes of Age in California
María C. Ledesma
pp. 227-254

Bait and Switch: Representation, Climate, and Tensions of Diversity Work in Graduate Education
Kelly E. Slay, Kimberly A. Reyes, Julie R. Posselt
pp. 255-286

The Chinese International Student as a (Post)Colonial Other: An Analysis of Cultural Representations of a US Media Discourse
Tatiana Suspitsyna, Tricia R. Shalka
pp. 287-308

Meaning-Making About Becoming a Minority Serving Institution: A Case Study of Asian-American Serving Community Colleges
Cynthia M. Alcantar, Loni Bordoloi Pazich, Robert T. Teranishi
pp. 309-335

Healing a Divided Nation: Transforming Spaces Through Sustained Dialogue
Maureen A. Flint
pp. 337-361

Towards a Culturally Inclusive Understanding of Alumnx Philanthropy: The Influence of Student Involvements and Experiences on LGBTQ Alumnx Giving
Jason C. Garvey, Noah D. Drezner
pp. 363-392

The Problem with the Prestige Pursuit: The Effects of Striving on Access for Black and Latino Students at Urban-Serving Research Universities
Desiree D. Zerquera
pp. 393-424

Self-castigated Perception and Distress among Female Academics in a Mexican Public State University
Virginia Montero-Hernandez, Elsa López Arines, Marta Caballero García
pp. 425-456