It's that time of year again. Time to believe, create, succeed and discover what the new school year will bring. We've shared stories from some of our students, teachers and principals on social media and now we're asking you to be a part of our back-to-school campaign. Post your back-to-school photos with your word for this school year. Believe Create Succeed Discover-This is the year to BCSD! #bcsd1819
Check out our latest video with complete coverage on great programs we offer here at the Beaufort County School District. After all of last year's successes, the momentum is building for the upcoming school year, so keep in touch, follow us on social media and Believe Create Succeed Discover. This is the year to BCSD! #bcsd1819.
2018-19 Bell Schedules 

Elementary Schools

Pre-K - 8 (River Ridge Academy & RSIA) 

K-8 (Riverview Charter)

Middle Schools

High Schools (including Adult Ed)
A Message from Interim Superintendent Herb Berg
Welcome to "Views & News From the Beaufort County School District," our updated newsletter. We changed the name, to reflect that we not only publish articles but videos, switched to a two-column format allowing you to quickly choose which story to read first and added social media links so you can share our news across your networks.
This is the year to BCSD!