Mechuwana would like to introduce you to a new program

Introducing a New Program at Mechuwana
This program is for girls in grades 5 through 7. Our first event will be held at Mechuwana on March 3th and 4th!
Creating a Caring, Supportive Community

Our first event will be centered around creating bonds of friendship and finding ways to support each other. The weekend will be filled with small- and large-group activities as we explore different ways we can feel good about ourselves and learn how we can support each other as friends.  

To register go to and click on Like us on Facebook"Creating a Caring, Supportive Community" event.  
You can also email us at or call (207)377-2924.
Moving Forward: Our Hopes and Goals for This New Program
The idea for this program came about after many conversations with parents who expressed a need for this type of social interaction for their daughters. It is our goal to create a community away from negative peer pressure and bullying. To build a community where sharing and positive friendships can develop. We hope that this can be a program that addresses many of the pressures that young women feel in today's world. We know that this cannot be done at one event so our goal is to run three or four events each year. This will help create new friendships and strengthen long-time friendships throughout the year as more girls attend these events.  
A Word about Our Leaders

Morgan Huckey was a Mechuwana summer staff member for many years. She continues to be a volunteer counselor at our Creative Arts Camp. 

Suzanne Kropp has also been on staff for many years as our Aquatics Director. She has been a volunteer at many different camp activities including our youth rallies.
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