A New School Year Begins

We're excited for this new school year at Holy Cross. After all the hard work by volunteers over the summer, our teachers were able to return to freshly painted classrooms - which are now decorated once again and full of children.

September is always a busy month, as children leave behind the long, hot summer and settle back into the classrooms. Its also a national month of celebration, as the country remembers the Battle of St George's Caye over 200 years ago, celebrates our independence just 38 years ago, and enjoys fireworks, parades and many other events. Almost each week there is something fun going on.
We welcome new teaching staff
5 new teachers join our staff
This year we welcome 5 new teachers to our staff. Some bring a wealth of teaching experience, while others have found - or rediscovered - a love of teaching later in life. One highly experienced teacher was quick to comment how much she liked Holy Cross School - its founding principals, the way the staff co-operated with each other, how the wider community supported us with so many resources, and how our students seemed more prepared - what wonderful feedback!

We are excited to have these new staff members on board and welcome the passion they bring. From left to right our new teachers are: Ms. Maribel Chan (Infant 1), Ms. Shajira Esquiliano, Ms. Shontina Jones (both in Standard 2), Ms. Navid Castellanos (Standard 4) and Ms. Carol Virez (Standard 6).
For those who are more familiar with our staff - yes this does mean we now have two Standard 6 teachers (thank you Ministry!) and yes - Ms. Shajira is Mr. Ayoni's younger sister.
Farewell to old friends
Sadly, having new teachers means we have lost some of the Holy Cross Family to other schools. While we know that it is often easier for staff to be on the mainland as they are closer to family, it is hard to loose them, their friendship and their many years of experience.

This year we farewell Ms. Melina Alvilez, Ms. Tanya Dominguez, Ms. Jamira Tillett, and Ms. Clotilde Sosa. We wish you all the best.
Continuing the House of Grace
We made great progress on the house of grace over the summer, thanks to the many volunteers who helped out.

Now that school is back in session, Mr. Freddy is continuing the work, and each day brings new changes as windows are added, interior spaces continue towards completion and electrical work continues.

Mr. Freddy's latest assistant is Mr. Enrique - a San Mateo resident and parent of the school with all of his 4 daughters currently attending Holy Cross
Wish List
If you are considering visiting Belize, PLEASE bring something from our wish list. If you don't have baggage space, consider buying something right on the island from A&R on Middle Street. Some items we always need that are hard to bring from abroad are:
  • Chalk (we use a lot!)
  • School Glue (by the gallon)
  • Poster board (Bristol Board)

Thank you once again for following and supporting the activities at Holy Cross School in Belize. In our next newsletter, we'll bring you a special success story and continue to update you on our progress.

If you haven't done so already, please follow us on facebook, where you'll get a regular stream of everyday events at the school.

We wish you a wonderful day,

From all the staff at Holy Cross School in Belize.
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