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  • We are in the season of Lent
  • Celebrate Wonder: Jesus visits his friends Martha and Mary
  • Join the worship service on Feb 21, the first Sunday in Lent
  • Jubilee Choir invites you to join us, 1st to 5th graders.
God, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing. Luke 23:34
Color along with the
Lenten sermon series.
The end of Jesus' life is a terrible and sad event. But even as Jesus died, he spoke words that are good for us to consider. In the Gospels there are 7 phrases or "words" that Jesus spoke. We can hear about these 7 words in our pastors' sermons during Lent. And you can create beautiful art that represents the 7 words, using this set of coloring pages.
Click the image of the coloring page to download the page for this week's "word".
Printed and ready coloring booklets with all 7 words are also available. Contact Rebecca.
This week in Celebrate Wonder
We read the story of Jesus' visit to the home of his friends, Martha and Mary. Jesus is glad to be there, and his friends are very glad to host him. Mary and Martha make different choices about what is important while Jesus is with them.
I invite your family to Celebrate Wonder 
with me. The spring session begins in March. We will explore stories of Jesus and the early Christian church.
Send me a note to join in! 
Join Charlie and Rebecca as they talk about Lent.
What is Lent? How long is Lent? Why do we observe Lent?
Look for the Children's Moment during the 10am
online worship service on the University UMC
Jubilee Choir meets each week on zoom,
3:30pm until about 4pm on Wednesday afternoons.
We include children from 1st to 5th grade in our "zoom-hearsal".
This group has met on zoom since September...and there's a rumor that we may soon meet in person, outdoors. The weather is getting is a great time to join us. Let's sing together! Contact Rebecca for details.
Rebecca Dyck,
Director of Children and Family Ministries
Join us Sundays at 10am
for "distance" worship