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Homeless Memorial Service 

Despite heavy rain, dozens gathered at St. James Episcopal Church to remember the 22 homeless and formerly homele ss individuals who died this year. 

"Cathy Zall, executive director of the New London shelter, said the shockingly long list of names is a tragedy but also an indication that the homeless are better connected to the community and outreach efforts are working." 
Homeless Persons' Memorial Day is observed nationally on the longest night of the year, and is sponsored locally by HHC and St. Francis House.  
Candles of Remembrance at St.James

The names of the 22 individuals who lost their lives this year are listed below: 

Thomas Ahearn 
Lowegie Ducharme 

Matthew Lane

Michelle Philman 
Floyd Brown 
Latisha Green  Chris Lesso  Justin Schrage 
Juan Burgos 
Cynthia Guertin  
Juan Martinez  Beth Stedman-Ternes 
Michael Cannon 
Franco Hines  Libro Mei  Corina Zukowski  
Melinda Cmaylo 
Mark "Dubra" Hunt 
Tyler Ninteau 
Jomer Diaz 
Ronald Horvath 
Shola Olfafio 
-We remember them. 

Your support can help those individuals experiencing homelessness in southeastern Connecticut rebuild their lives. Making a gift online is easy!
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