Thank You Donors!
To everyone who made a year-end donation to ICA, thank you! Through your support, we are stronger and able to do more to help newcomers achieve their goals over the coming year.
Blog: You Can Help Defeat Racism & Hate!

"Don't go away until the racist has left, don't leave them with the thought that you are scared of them."

Moussa Magassa, Human Rights Educator and Social Justice Associate Faculty at University of Victoria

The city of Victoria's diversity and multicultural landscape is growing as we welcome newcomers from around the world.  However, racism and hate crimes do exist here and it's important for us to work together to combat racism.   Read more on our blog.

Getting Kids Talking: A New SWIS Program

Getting newcomer teenagers together in Multicultural Club at a middle school helps them build community and their sense of belonging .

Last year, ICA's Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS) program began working with Jennifer Nixon, English language teacher, and Sandra Salvati, Vice Principal, at Spencer Middle School on a new Multicultural Club program for newcomer students.

Most teenagers with different backgrounds, languages, cultures, and beliefs are happy to become part of this beautiful country but the can feel anxious about fitting into Canadian culture. Some struggle with worries about friends, social interaction, school and their future, and many miss their friends, families, and food for their homeland. Read more here.
In Our Community
A WIN for Newcomer women!

Once again this year we are pleased to highlight our ongoing partnership with the Victoria Women in Need (WIN)
Community Cooperative.

WIN continues to provide ICA with gift certificates through their Gift Certificate Program ensuring that immigrant and refugee women in need receive support and the opportunity to purchase the household items they need.
We want to thank WIN for accepting all the generous donations of clothing and other items that Victorians have been making and for their support of resettled refugees in our community. These donati ons make a significant contribution in helping newcomer women to ease their transition as they establish new lives in Victoria.

For information on making donations of clothing, household items or furniture, visit their website at:

Employment Resources 
Did you know?

ICA is a Work BC Employment Services Centre? We have a full suite of services for all your employment needs, including a variety of workshops and programs.

ICA is committed to ending antisemitism and all forms of hate in our community.