A child's testimony about her trip with Merge
The Moment that Changed My Life
Hi. I'm Bailee Wiggins. I am nine years old. My birthday is May 26th and I have three brothers named Dalton, Kaleb and Aden. I have one sister named Taylor. 

I like writing because I like expressing my feelings on paper. Stories have taken me places and I want to take people places too. I want my readers to learn something from me. My purpose of writing this story is that you can make a difference. You can change the world! You are special and have the ability to get people closer to God!

Wow I thought this place is so....so ruined. There was garbage everywhere! The sky was gloomy and there was a foul smell in the air. Half of me thought, "It's not THAT bad, but the other half of me asked, "Bailee do you really think you could live here?" Well... I sigh "No." 

My family, some people from my church, and I were on a mission trip. We were in Mississippi. We were going to work in Alligator Mississippi, and sleep in a community center in Buoy, Mississippi. It was the longest ride in my life! We had to wake up at 4:00 in the morning and still got there at 6:00 in the evening. Plus it felt even longer with 4 kids, two adults and one teenager. Fortunately I made it through. 

When we got there, the pastor from Mississippi and his wife took us on a mini tour of where we will be working. Then we went to the community center to get some rest. The pastors wife announced, "This is where you will be sleeping and I will see you in the morning." 

I felt excited, tomorrow will be our actual first day of work. Though I felt like I was in a new school or even a foreign country. 

It took us a long time just to unpack and so the kids made balloon swords and had a battle. Finally the air mattresses were made. I collapsed onto it. I was super exhausted. When I woke up I could see a peak of daylight crawling out the window. Maybe I can go exploring I thought. But I was too tired to even get up. I dozed back off to sleep. 

Finally everyone started to wake up. "Uhh!," I groaned. Suddenly my groan turned into a "YES!" I grabbed some clothes from the suitcase and dashed to the bathroom to change. I had remembered the day we were packing clothes for the trip. I was so excited,I could hardly sleep that night. I was super excited to help others. 

I started to brush my teeth, wash my hands, and tried really hard to get the knots our of my hair. 

Each of the families got into their cars and drove off to Alligator Mississippi to work. The drive was about 10 minutes long. When we got there we had to work on a trailer home. We had to wash walls, pick up garbage and the next day we would get to paint the home. 

The trailer home is going to be a learning center for kids of all ages. I think Mississippi needs this because it seems so poor. Kids probably don't get enough education and have nothing to do there. 

I put on rubber gloves and set to work. There was trash everywhere! My friend Anna and I were assigned a special job. We had to clean the bathroom. We filled up a mini trashcan, twice. We needed to take all that garbage to the dump. Anna's dad finally convinced a guy to let us borrow a trailer. All the guys had to hand push it to the dump. 

Then we went to an Adult Day Care Center. The pastors wife gave us some sandwiches and chips. We were going to go back to the trailer home to work more. All evening we scrubbed and cleaned, and cleaned, and washed. I thought we would be working forever but I heard someone from our group say, "Time to be done for today." I dashed to the car with all the energy I had left. 

When we arrived at the community center I got ready for bed. I checked the clock and it was ten t night. I hopped into bed. Then I thought about it for a second. Any person in the whole wide world could have done this job, any church, any family could have done it, but no.... God chose me, my family, my church. I was really lucky. 

I was making a change. I was making a difference in the world. But most of all I was helping people get closer to God. And now I know what I want to be when I grow up a.......missionary. 

On behalf of Merge, thank you Bailee for sharing your testimony with us. May the Lord continue using you to make a difference in this world! 

Join us on a SEEDS trip this Summer! 

SEEDS are pre-planned trips for individuals, couples, families or small groups. You may be working in the field with individuals from other locations around the U.S. A great opportunity to serve abroad. 

Email Dale.Lusk@covchurch.org if you are interested in more information.

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, June 1-8, 2015

Surfing Outreach ministry on the beach to youth. Surfing skills not required (but willingness to learn is, as team will be taught by local professionals). Simple construction projects and children's ministry in local church. Located on the coast about three hours south of Managua.


Cost $840 per person includes construction materials, ministry supplies donation and surfboard rental/lessons 

(excludes flight, $10 visa fee and souvenirs)


Norrkoping, Sweden August 2-9, 2015

Outreach to families through a local multi-cultural Covenant church. located about 85 miles southwest of Stockholm. Ministry options include a children's program, outreach opportunities, sports ministry, men/women's events and more!


Cost $545 per person 

(excludes flight and souvenirs)


Playa del Carmen, Mexico  September 13-20, 2015

Construction on a local retreat center for ministries in the area. Included will be children's ministry in the rural community where the camp is being built, a family retreat with a local church and Mexican Independence Day celebrations.


Cost $530 per person includes construction and ministry materials donation   (excludes flight and souvenirs)


La Plata, Argentina October 17-24, 2015

Support ministry for two Covenant churches in this city of 1 million an hour south of Buenos Aires. The churches are building and operating a base for community ministry and Boy Scouts.


Cost $650 per person 

(excluding flight, $160 entrance tax and souvenirs)


Solapur, India  June 30-July 9, 2016

Education and sports with children, children's ministry, village clean-up events, English conversation classes and community development programs all in partnership with the Hindustani Covenant Church of India.


Cost $800 per person  
(excludes flight, visas and souvenirs)


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