Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.

- Matthew 5:16

A couple of years ago, I visited my daughter’s sixth-grade classroom. In the back was a bulletin board with a sign that read, “Shining God’s Light." All around the sign were little strips of paper that the kids had written notes on. They were arranged like rays of sunshine.
  • “I let Jack borrow a highlighter when he forgot his pencil pack at home.”
  • “I picked up Addison’s book when she knocked it off her desk.”
  • “I helped the second graders with their homework in after school care.”
  • “I gave Ella a sheet of loose leaf paper because she ran out.”
  • “I told a fourth grader that his science project was very informative and that I learned something.”
  • “I sorted clothes at the church’s thrift shop.”
Such sweet examples of shining the image of God that is within each one of us.
Shining God’s light can take many forms, from smiling at a stranger to starting a movement for social justice. This year we consider shining God’s light in terms of church stewardship.
Some of you will remember that the Rev. Doug Ousley often used the Bible verse quoted above as the offertory sentence in worship – the words spoken right before the ushers pass the collection plates. Giving to the church, and therefore giving back to God from all that God has provided, is a way we let our light shine. 

The stewardship reflections offered by parishioners in church over the past few Sundays tell a beautiful story of light and love. Our congregation loves God, loves one another, and even loves those who will join us in the future - all by supporting our parish.

"Each dollar donated is a symbol of our faith. Each act of volunteering a show of love for his divine majesty." - Lenore Ritter

"This is the time when we're called to really discern how we're going to care for our parish and for our parish family going forward." - Susan Ridgeway

"Giving allows me to pool resources with members of our congregation and commit to collectively being that light... for the person out there who's not here yet but hopefully will be." - Jedd Katrancha

As we give thanks for what Incarnation has meant for our lives and the foundation that our faith provides, we also look ahead to what we can accomplish together through Incarnation's ministries in the parish and surrounding community. I have every confidence that, with your support, we will continue to broaden our reach online, welcome newcomers in person, provide robust programming for faith formation, and enhance our impact through mission and service.

I hope to see you in church this Sunday, November 14, when we offer our Commitment Cards for 2022. Cards given in worship, those already submitted by mail, and pledges made online will all be blessed at the altar as a sign of our commitment to Christ and his church.

The light of Christ burns brightly at Incarnation. May we continue to live gratefully, love generously, and give with the intention of shining that light.

In Christ,
Commitment Sunday Zoom Celebration
November 14
6:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Join us for a virtual celebration of our life at Incarnation. We'll have entertainment, games and prizes, including live music, bingo and an art history quiz!

To participate fully in the Zoom celebration, you will need a "Commitment Pack," which includes a few surprise gifts.

Click below to RSVP, and pick up your Commitment Pack at church Sunday morning.