Dear Friends,

May marks the kick off of summer, typically a time of relaxation and lazy days. But for our staff, it's the  start of the heavy travel season - a season our organization anticipates and plans for all year long. It's always an exciting time,  but this year is particularly exciting for three reasons:

2.  Timusi
3.  Ancoraimes

You may have read about Chua Cocani in our March monthly newsletter, or maybe all three of these names are unfamiliar. Whatever the case, I want to share with you why we're so excited about these three communities...

These three opportunities mark the first-ever volunteer trips owned and operated by Engineers in Action. 

We love working with partners like EWB-USA and Bridges to Prosperity, but we recognize that with our own volunteer program, we'll be able to impact even more lives in South America, expanding our work even further and continuing on our journey to achieve EIA's mission of increasing the capacity of as many indigenous people as possible through quality of life improvements.

But here's the big message -  WE NEED VOLUNTEERS. Without individuals to fill these spots, without teams to travel to Chua Cocani, Timusi and Ancoraimes, we will not be able to move forward. Here's how you can help:
Traveling to a rural village is a life-changing opportunity. You'll witness the beautiful culture of the indigenous people first-hand, living in the community and working side-by-side with the community members. The project you'll work on will change their lives, removing hardships and lessening the threat of illness. Your experience will also change your life. You'll leave with incredible stories and experiences you'll never forget.

Rod Beadle
Executive Director
Engineers in Action
More news from Engineers in Action:
The Results Are In

Earlier this year, EIA surveyed its 2016 travel team participants to gauge volunteer satisfaction and identify areas for improvement. Overall, feedback was very positive with 82 percent of survey participants stating they were "very likely" to work with Engineers in Action again in the future. And, volunteers rated their learning experience with EIA an average of 9.5 out of 10. See more great feedback and review all the survey results on here.

Travel with EIA to South America this summer 

Engineers in Action needs volunteers for summer projects! Design a water+sanitation system for a Methodist school in  Timusi, r epair a water distribution system for the community of  Ancoraimes or check out the other programs currently seeking volunteers  here.  

Traveling with Engineers in Action is a life-changing opportunity. Be a part of the global effort to end water poverty, encourage healthy families and increase local capacity so that all people, everywhere, can flourish. 

EIA has an opportunity for everyone, no professional training required.  Join a trip today! 

World Water Day raises nearly $20,000

Thanks to your generous support, World Water Day 2017 raised nearly $20,000 - enough to support two program communities for an entire year!

Designated by the UN as a day dedicated to raising awareness of the multitude of issues connected to the global water crisis, Engineers in Action participated in World Water Day 2017 to raise funds for three communities currently in need, Timusi, Llojlla Grande and Los Eucaliptos,  where water sources are distant, depleted and contaminated. 

A special thanks to our matching fund donors, who double the impact of every dollar donated to the World Water Day campaign before March 31!
Learn more about World Water Day 2017 at

Wondering what we're up to? 
Here's a short list of some of our biggest priorities right now.

South America Operations:
  • Trip to Suriqui Island to take water samples, identify GPS points and gather other data for the water system line.
  • Inspection trip to Ichoca Municipality to find suitable places for B2P program.
  • Trip to Yulo, Calcha, and Surumajchi for follow ups and coordination with the communities.
  • Develop the baseline activities for Ancoraimes and Los Eucaliptos for UMCOR Grant 2017.
  • Trip to Charazani and Ayata Municipality to find suitable places for B2P program.
  • Trip to Timusi to develop the topographic surveying.
North America Operations
  • Rod recently visited multiple Public Health, Engineering, and International Development university departments to promote awareness and participation in EIA's International Service Learning Program opportunities.
  • Preparing several grant applications and celebrating two grants recently awarded to EIA by UMCOR and Moody UM. 
  • Rod is preparing for his next trip to Ecuador and Bolivia in mid-May.
  • Building support and recruiting volunteers for summer volunteer opportunities.
  • Developing tools and outreach materials for the website as well as brochures and handouts for various programs.