In lieu of Sherin and Lodgen's annual Women's Initiative "Doing Good Together" event, we'd like to share with you some of our favorite books, podcasts, shows and movies created by or concerning women.

Whether timeless pieces of fiction or contemporary narratives, these stories have moved, sustained, angered, inspired, and galvanized us, and we hope they do the same for you.

-The Women of Sherin and Lodgen

What We're Reading...

What We're Watching...

How We're Supporting Women...
Studies show that women are more vulnerable to COVID-19–related economic effects because of existing gender inequalities. For instance, it's reported that women’s jobs are 1.8 times more vulnerable to this crisis than men’s jobs. Women make up 39 percent of global employment but account for 54 percent of overall job losses.

As we reflect on a trying year and gear up for the cold months ahead, we encourage you to volunteer with, or donate to, your local food pantries and shelters. Below, we've highlighted some that we've partnered with in the Greater Boston Area whose missions align with that of the Women's Initiative:

  • Rosie's Place aims to provide a safe and nurturing environment for poor and homeless women to maintain their dignity, seek opportunity and find security in their lives.

  • Women’s Lunch Place is a day shelter community, providing nutritious food and individualized services for women who are experiencing homelessness or poverty.

Sherin and Lodgen is committed to the advancement and success of our women attorneys and professionals. The mission of our Women’s Initiative is to provide an internal network of support that fosters growth and achievement while connecting and learning with outside organizations that directly support women and women’s causes.

Learn more about Sherin and Lodgen's Women's Initiative at our website.