Dear Colleagues,

Today the World Health Organization (WHO) elevated COVID-19 (Coronavirus) to a pandemic level. While we at COIPA know that many of you are already aware of the resources for most up to date information, we want to ensure that all our members and their staff are aware of these resources to receive continual most accurate information. 

COIPA is participating in a weekly call with Deschutes County Health department where all are welcome to join. This call reviews the latest CDC updates and what our local offices are doing to prepare for and treat COVID-19. Pamela Ferguson leads this discussion and she can be reached at Pamela Ferguson to add you to this call.

In addition to these weekly calls, there are several reliable websites available that provide daily updates for clinicians and staff. Please review and visit these pages for information as needed:

For a checklist format for clinic preparedness and staff workflows for patients who present with COVID-19 symptoms:  COVID-19 Checklist

- For daily local updates and direct links to webpages for county health departments, schools including Bend-LaPine and COCC, and St. Charles hospitals: Central Oregon Updates

- Other relevant websites:

-Kattaryna Stiles is leading the effort from the Oregon Health Authority in coordinating efforts between our region and the state. Her direct contact is:

COIPA will also continue to stay updated on this information. Please contact Shiela Stewart, our Director of Clinical Quality, at or me if you have specific questions, concerns or need assistance with anything related to this. We know that there are many moving parts that are rapidly changing daily regarding the scope of the impact of this virus and the need for our healthcare teams to be prepared to respond. Understandably this is creating some anxiety in staff and patients alike. We are here as one more place of support for you to help you care for your patients and keep our collective communities healthy.

With kind regards,

Divya Sharma, MD, MS, FACP
Chief Medical Officer
Central Oregon Independent Practice Association
Ph: 541 585-2590
Fax: 541 585-2591