A Note from the Executive Director
As Executive Director for Calm Waters, I wear a lot of hats… including the one that has me answering the phone when people call to ask about our programs and services. It’s one of the hats that’s the most heart wrenching to bear, if I’m honest.

I hear the intense depth of pain parents, grandparents and children are feeling because of the death of someone they love. I hear the stories of mothers who can’t get out of bed in the morning because their depression is crippling. And for each of them, making the call to Calm Waters is their lifeline. In many cases, it's the only thing giving them hope .
Since COVID-19, the amount of times I’ve had to throw that hat on to answer the cries for help have More. Than. Doubled.

That’s twice the number of families calling in desperation because they are experiencing grief for the first time OR they are facing the resurgence of old grief triggered by the pandemic.
Friends, Calm Waters is needed now more than ever before .
We have worked without ceasing to ensure our services never stopped, shifting our programs virtually, creatively developing new programs and connecting to our clients, even when we couldn’t see them face to face. 
Even though our services didn’t halt, some of our fundraising efforts were forced to, creating a gap in donations of nearly $50,000 .

It is my hope today that you will throw on one of the hats with me and support Calm Waters through a gift of $100 or more. I can assure you every single dollar is used to bring hope to thousands of precious children, teens and adults. We need YOU just as much as our clients need US.

Thank you for supporting Calm Waters… and for caring about those in grief in our own community.

Thank you for giving today,
Erin Engelke, Executive Director

P.S. Please consider making a tax-deductible gift of $100 or more by June 30, the end of our fiscal year. This year, thanks to the CARES Act, every family has a new opportunity to deduct up to $300 in charitable contributions regardless if you itemize or not. Take advantage of this unique way of giving back to Calm Waters along with having a tax incentive for doing so. For more information and to make an online donation, please visit Calmwaters.org .     
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