Dear San Martin Neighbors,

We are sending you this message on behalf of the City of Gilroy.

On October 10, 2018 the City of Morgan Hill was made aware of a wastewater discharge on Highland Avenue in San Martin. City staff notified the Santa Clara County Clean Water Program who notified the County Facilities and Fleet Department staff. The County quickly responded cleaned the sewage discharge from the roadway and adjacent storm drain facility. The discharge occurred during dry weather and cleanup was completely successful.
The discharge occurred from the sewer line that connects the County Facility to the Morgan Hill/Gilroy trunk line that runs south to the South County Wastewater Treatment Plan. The trunk line south from Highland Avenue is the responsibility of the City of Gilroy. The City of Gilroy and County are working together to ensure future issues do not occur in this location.
The City of Gilroy requested that the City of Morgan Hill share this information with the San Martin residents through the communication channels established by the City of Morgan Hill.

For more information please contact the County of Santa Clara Fleet and Facilities Department and City of Gilroy Public Works Department.
Maureen Tobin
Communications and Engagement Manager
City of Morgan Hill
17575 Peak Avenue
Morgan Hill, CA 95037