Variety, the spice of life
Got it made in the shade - SlimCado
Apply that to avocados and you've got a winning addition to your salads, creamy soups, smoothies and toast. SlimCados, grown in southern Florida for over 85 years, are the perfect way to add avocado variety to your life . 
Three times the size of a Hass
avocado, naturally
SlimCados are a great- tasting avocado with a lighter taste.

How much lighter?
It naturally has half the fat and a third the calories of a Hass avocado.  Yet it still delivers a creamy, almost buttery taste.
What the numbers mean

This avocado naturally has less fat, which in turn, means fewer calories. In fact, a full cup of SlimCado weighs in at only 275 calories!
But the nutritional news doesn't stop there. The SlimCado has a variety of nutrients.
Considering what you should be eating in your daily diet, one cup of this avocado delivers a whopping
  • 67% of vitamin C
  • 31% of vitamin E
  • 20% of folate
  • 23% of potassium
  • 52% or 12 grams of fiber

And to top it off, SlimCados still deliver the "good" monounsaturated fats we've come to expect in avocados.

A variety of ways to enjoy     
Guacamole, of course 
SlimCados are enjoyed in a variety of ways - tossed in a salad, topping a creamy soup, or grilled with a touch of olive oil. Of course, it's perfect cut in half and squirted with lime.
Slice to top salads
Grown throughout the Caribbean and Florida, this is the go-to avocado used in everyday Hispanic and island-influenced cooking.

With its light flavor, ranging from buttery to nutty, this large, glossy-skinned fruit is perfect on salads, both leafy and creamy.
Avocado toast - simple, or add humus for a different taste  
If it's the latest trend you seek, take wildly popular avocado toast up a notch with a smear of hummus, thinly sliced red onion and capers. The SlimCado won't fight with these other big-flavor ingredients. 
Chop to top creamy soups 
Like any avocado, SlimCados are ready for eating when soft to the touch.

Power shakes made delectable
Drink green; SlimCados make power smoothies delectable 
What about a power shake?

Normally you wouldn't add an avocado to a smoothie, much less a power shake. But you could add a SlimCado.

Its lighter taste blends nicely with other flavors. And if it's power drink time, this avocado nicely takes the edge off kale, a favorite power ingredient.
You gotta ask ...
Different shapes, different varieties - all SlimCados

The first time you see a SlimCado avocado, you gotta wonder: Is it GMO?


No, SlimCados are not GMOs.  


SlimCados naturally have less fat and fewer calories than Hass avocados. This avocado is just on a different branch of the avocado family tree.


There's an easy way to tell whether a fruit or veggie is a GMO. Read more ... 


If a fruit has a  


But avocados have the good fat! 
That's true. But most dieticians and doctors recommend limiting all fat intake to about 20 to 30% of our daily calories.

With a SlimCado, you can enjoy more of that great avocado taste you love.

Read more ...

What are you waiting for?   
SlimCados can add variety to your avocado enjoyment. Try one today.
To your health,
Donna Shields 
About the author
Donna Shields
As a registered dietician, Donna
uses progressive nutritional science
to achieve good health through a
flavorful lifestyle.
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