Denveright: Denver Moves: Transit
Denver’s transit vision to guide improving the quality of transit options in our city
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Provide your feedback on the Draft Denver Moves: Transit Plan
In coordination with the City’s two-year Denveright outreach and planning effort and input from thousands of residents, commuters, and visitors has resulted in the creation of the Denver Moves: Transit Plan, Denver’s first transit vision.
The plan:
  • Recommends near- and long-term investments along key corridors and a vision for more frequent transit service in Denver that will result in higher-quality, more frequent, and more reliable transit. (Chapter 3, Appendix D)
  • Identifies first and final mile improvements including pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure and amenities to make it easier and safer for people to get to transit. (Chapter 3, Appendix D)
  • Promotes transit-supportive land use and development and instilling a “sense of place” at transit stations and stops in Denver. (Chapter 3, Appendix D)
  • Recommends continued support for affordable fare programs, fare payment technology that makes transit easier to use, and programs that promote and encourage the use of transit. (Chapter 3, Appendix D)
  • Summarizes the community engagement activities and key findings, including how community input helped shape the plan. (Chapter 2, Appendix C)
  • Describes the guiding framework for a phased programmatic approach to implement the transit-supportive actions in Denver Moves: Transit. (Chapter 4)

The draft Denver Moves: Transit plan is available for review and community feedback through October 31st.
Provide your feedback on the other Denveright plans
Community input has also informed the creation of the other four Denveright plans for a more inclusive, connected, and health city, for all of us who live here today as well as our neighbors of tomorrow. In coordination with Denver Moves: Transit , these plans will guide the city’s growth, development, parks, mobility options and more over the next 20 years.
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Next Steps

Community Feedback: The Denveright plans, including Denver Moves: Transit, are available for public review and comment through October 31st at After the comment period, the input received will be used to inform finalizing the plan and next steps moving forward.

Denveright Community Night, August 28: The City will host a Denveright community night at City Park Pavilion where anyone can learn more about the plans.

Office Hours: Planners for each of the Denveright plans will be available to answer questions about the plans during office hours throughout the city in the fall.

Visit the Denveright website for more details about these events
Thank You, Denver Moves: Transit Task Force!
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We would like to acknowledge and extend a special thank you to the Denver Moves: Transit Task Force for their participation and contributions to inform the creation of Denver’s first transit vision.

The Task Force is a 28-member committee comprised of community leaders, including Councilmembers, Commissioners, and neighborhood and community organization leaders. The Task Force provided feedback at key milestones, sharing information with their communities and organizations, and bringing community input back to the project team. The group met 10 times between July 2016 and February 2018.

Thank you also to VISIT DENVER for hosting the Task Force meetings in their boardroom.
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About Denver Moves: Transit 

Denver Moves: Transit  is Denver’s first transit plan that will look to create a local vision for new transit choices and improvements within our ci ty. The plan w ill examine how transit can play a key role in creating a successful mobility system that moves more people through our city as our population continues to grow. 

As part of Denveright, Denver Moves: Transit will convene community conversations to shape how mobility will evolve to meet the needs of those who live, work and play in Denver over the next 20 years.  Learn More »  
Denveright   is a community-driven planning process that challenges you to shape how our community evolves in four key areas: land use, mobility, parks and recreational resources. Through four coordinated citywide plans, we will chart the course of the Mile High City for the next 20 years while also identifying immediate priorities to execute in the next few years.