College Campus
As our colleges and universities begin the new academic year, it makes sense to consider one of the hot topics on campus. No, it’s not whether we should go to war with North Korea or whether white nationalists have a right to speak their mind even if their message is offensive to most of us. The hot topic is whether a college campus should become a sanctuary campus. The idea is to adopt policies to protect undocumented students by refusing to allow ICE agents on campus without a warrant; not to gather information on or sharing students’ immigration status; and providing tuition support to DACA students. The issue is contentious and some state governors are threatening to cut off funding to universities that designate themselves as sanctuary campuses. At the federal level, Congress is considering whether strip schools of billions of dollars in federal financial aid unless they start cooperating with authorities.

The issue of funding for sanctuary campuses is different than what to do about DACA students. DACA takes on increased importance given the Trump administration's decision to end the program. Congress must act now to protect DACA students who trusted the government to allow them to stay, get an education, and works towards U.S. citizenship. The government has a moral obligation to help these students. It made a promise to them and promises should be kept.