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I Am A Nursing Facility

We look forward to partnering with you in your aim for excellence in quality of care by providing practitioners who share that goal and desire to do all in their power to earn that reputation. By providing excellent loving care at the bedside and partnering with your team to improve systems of care we will work with you to help you reach all your goals.
Island Scene

Dr. Toby Smith was just featured in the Island Scene magazine in Hawaii. Read page 45 for more information on "Why limiting treatment and medications is sometimes best."

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Benefits of working with SilverSage

As the pressure mounts for more complicated and critically ill patients to be transferred to the nursing home at an earlier point in their care, we want to be there to help guide in your Post-Acute and Long-Term Care and ensure the best outcomes possible.
Incorporating SilverSage as part of your team means that your nursing staff has a constant resource to help in decision making, giving them confidence in what they do and helping them to be more efficient in their work.
As part of your team SilverSage wants to improve patient and family satisfaction, giving comfort to staff, patients, and families by providing timely access to the physician that has been treating them.

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