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Summer 2021
Cahoon Care Associates, LLC.
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133 Washington St, Norwell, MA 02061
Sandwich, MA: (774) 994-2212

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Ellsworth, ME: (207) 667-0870

Our Featured Employee:
Leaticia Jean-Louis
We would like to recognize Leaticia Jean-Louis as the Cahoon Care "Employee of the Quarter."

We chose Leaticia because of her power of compassion and her ability to understand what her clients are going through. She has recently assisted one of her current clients through a difficult time during the loss of their beloved pet. Compassion is critical to caregiving, and everyone wants a caregiver who can empathize with his or her situation. Leaticia is also creative and original in redirecting clients and keeping them occupied, less stressed, and entertained during troublesome times.

After receiving her HHA and CNA four years ago, Leaticia became a caregiver - and soon will become a registered nurse! As a young child, Leaticia felt the true vocation of becoming a nurse. She prides herself on being able to quickly learn new skills and easily adapt to situations. She is "honored" to be able to put a smile on someone's face while enjoying their company and learning from them. As she continues to grow and develop in the homecare field, Leaticia says she "builds relationships with [her] clients and [does] whatever [she] can to make them feel happy, comfortable, and safe. She enjoys "bringing comfort, joy, and trust" to her clients, as well as making them "feel loved, valued, and appreciated."

One of Leaticia's most meaningful experiences took place with a sweet lady a few years ago. Upon getting ready to leave her shift to go home for the evening, Leaticia said goodbye to her client, but the woman did not want Leaticia to leave. Leaticia told her that she would be the first person she would see in the morning. The next morning when Leaticia walked into her room, she was greeted with these words: "Good morning! I was waiting for you...I wanted you to know that I'm grateful for you and want to thank you for everything you have done for me. May God bless you!" Sadly, moments later she passed away in Leaticia's arms. Leaticia describes this as a most bittersweet moment to know she had earned such a special place in her client's heart.

Leaticia is one of our most dependable caregivers. Both CCA and our clients benefit greatly from her dependability. Leaticia is extremely flexible and is always willing to assist with uncovered shifts. She has been very helpful and generous with her valuable time to accommodate the needs of her clients.

Leaticia - we at CCA are all grateful for you and for your exceptional caregiving. You possess all of the qualifications of a remarkable caregiver and exhibit outstanding nursing potential. It will be bittersweet for CCA as you work toward the end of your program, but we will celebrate with you as you embark on your successful nursing career.

Thank you for your heart full of patience, care, and support!
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Click on This Shell to Find Out if You're a Winner...
Body Heat Regulation
in the Elderly
July and August bring on what are known as the "dog days of summer" - hot, muggy, sunny days that can cause lethargy and exhaustion.

Extreme temperatures that make the rest of us seek out the nearest beach or pool can have much more dire consequences for the elderly due to their increasing trouble with thermoregulation. It takes an elderly person nearly twice the time it takes a younger person to return to normal core body temperature after exposure to temperature extremes.

While normal body temperature doesn't change much with aging, it does become harder for your body to control its temperature as you get older - noticeably so after age 70.

Aging decreases the body's ability to sweat due to increasingly ineffective sweat glands. Increased blood flow to the skin through vessel dilation (which allows warm blood to flow to the surface away from the body's core) is also compromised during the aging process. Both factors put seniors at a much greater risk of potentially life-threatening disturbances of temperature regulation due to hypothalamus and thermal receptor issues.

Visit our blog to learn about precautions for both seniors and their caregivers to take, especially during heat waves.
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New Radio Ad!
Our very own Allan Parker recently recorded our new radio ad in studio!

As a family business, nothing is more important to us than the way we treat our families and clients. That's why we're committed to growing our team with kind, compassionate caregivers.

Working with Cahoon Care Associates, you'll earn top wages within the industry, enjoy a flexible work schedule, and get outstanding support from a staff who have all been caregivers themselves.

If you enjoy enriching the lives of others and have experience serving the elderly, then Cahoon Care Associates may be the perfect fit for your next career move.

We're now hiring full and part-time in-home caregivers, with a signing bonus available. Schedule an interview by calling 774-994-2212, or apply online.

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Employees Give the
Best Referrals!
Do you enjoy working for the Cahoon Care team? How would you like to make a little extra money? 

If the answers to these questions are yes, why not refer your experienced colleagues, friends, or relatives to work for us, too!

You can earn up to a $315.00 value in referral payout!!

*A $15.00 coffee or movie gift card will be sent to you once your referral is hired and works shifts with no incidents for one full week.
*The additional bonus will be paid out after 30/60/90 days of the referral working shifts. (After 30 days of the referral working shifts, $100 will be paid out. After 60 days, another $100 will be paid out, and after 90 days, the last $100 will be paid out.)

There are a few rules in place to collect the referral bonus:

*Referral must work at least 250 hours in the 90-day period from the date of hire;  (That’s an average of 20 hours per week.)
*Referral must work free of disciplinary incidents;
*Referral must have no unexcused call-outs. (Call-outs with doctor’s note are excused.)
*Referral and the Referrer must still be employed with Cahoon at the end of the 90 days.

Many of our caregivers have made several hundred dollars by referring others. Some of these referrals have gone on to become the top caregivers on our team!

Please call the office today to start earning that extra money!
Sick Time
Request Form
Reminder: an updated Sick Time Request Form for Cahoon Care employees has been added to our website under the Employee Hub.

Click here to access it.
Need Training?

If you wish to get additional training in any area of caregiving, particularly in dementia or Alzheimer's care, we can sign you up for a class. Just let us know!
Video Corner:
3 Things to Never Do
with Your Client
with Dementia
By remembering these three tips when interacting with your client who has dementia, you'll make your life easier as a caregiver and also reduce the chances of causing behavioral outbursts in him or her.

Tip #1: Don't argue with your client. This will make the situation worse and lead to frustration and backlash. Instead, acknowledge what they're saying and going through, give a brief response, and then redirect their attention if possible.

Tip #2: Do not try to correct your client. If s/he is living in the past mentally and talks about things that no longer are accurate, there's no harm in just letting them ramble.

Tip #3: Do not try to reason with your client. This is a losing battle because s/he no longer has the ability to reason. Instead, offer a brief response that addresses the underlying emotion. Remember: it's not about making sense in your world; it's about making sense in their world!
We want to hear
from you!

As valued employees of Cahoon Care Associates, we would like to get your feedback on our Employee Recognition Program and any ideas or topics you would like to see covered in the next newsletter.
Friendly Reminders about Best Work Practices
After-Hour Contact - If you need to contact us for any reason after hours (evenings or weekends), please call the main office phone number: in Massachusetts, (781) 659-1877 and in Maine, (207) 667-0870. Do not text or call a member of the team's cell for after-hours support. Although you may have been in contact with that person earlier in the day, they may no longer be working. When in doubt, call the office; there is always someone available to help.

Mask Policy - If a client asks you to remove your mask, please refer them to the office. We will support you by explaining our policy to the client or family member. Our policy is that under no condition should you remove your mask, even if the client asks you to do so because they can't hear you. You are not a guest in their home; you are there to work. Click here to download a helpful pro-mask flyer that can be distributed in client homes.

Client & Family Communication - Please do not share your cell phone number with clients or their families. Instead, encourage family members to call you on the client's phone anytime you are working with their loved one, and remind them the office staff are available as well. Of course, all scheduling must go through the office to ensure the schedule is updated and to avoid potential confusion and communication breakdown.