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Fall 2018
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Our Featured Employee
Pam Worden
Please help us in congratulating Pam Worden. She has received Cahoon Care Associates’ Quarterly Employee Recognition for the fall of 2018.

Whether she's been looking after her brothers and sisters, caring for her own children, or running a day care, Pam Worden has been looking out for the care and well being of people in one form or another since she was ten years old. Nineteen years ago, after reading "A Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren, she decided that she needed to branch out and began providing care for people in their homes. She loved it, and quickly realized that caregiving was her purpose.

Pam says that caregiving "is what I am here to do. I love it. It's satisfying and rewarding. You have to find what gives you joy and I can't think of a better profession than this. I LOVE what I do!"

It is that enthusiasm and genuine passion for helping others that makes Pam such a valuable member of the Cahoon Care team. She has been working with Cahoon Care since 2015. She loves her clients - and they love her.

Pam is a great communicator, always has a positive attitude, and is cheery every day. We are so glad for everything you do, Pam! Congratulations!
We Have New Offices
Cahoon Care has opened a new office on the Cape in Sandwich. The address is 141 Route 6A, Unit 6, Sandwich, MA.

Additionally, we've relocated our headquarters office to 133 Washington Street, Norwell, MA. Learn more about our new location in our blog post here .
Video Corner: How a '50s-Style Diner Helps a Woman with Alzheimer's
How Home Care Can Help Entire Families
When you're providing home care, you aren't just helping the client. In fact, your work can help the entire family, too.

Relieve Care Obligations
With your help, families who have been caring for a loved one can experience some relief from their care obligations.

Support Family Caregivers
As you know, caregiving can be both demanding and stressful. Your help can allow families to make sure that all of a loved one's needs are met, no matter how hectic the family members' schedules are. Plus, you help family members to feel like they have someone else on their team.

Peace of Mind
Knowing that their loved one is in good hands (yours!) when they can't be there offers families valuable peace of mind.
We want to hear from you!

As valued employees of Cahoon Care Associates, we would like to get your feedback on our new Employee Recognition Program and any ideas or topics you would like to see covered in the next newsletter.
Caregiving in Assisted Living Facilities
As a caregiver, you have the skills to help clients not just in their homes, but also in assisted living facilities. Sometimes clients need more care than assisted living facilities can provide, and that's where we have the chance to help. Here are just a few ways that you can help clients while they're in assisted living.

Provide Care When Staff Can't
Assisted living facilities have limited staff, which means if a client needs intensive care, they may not be able to provide round-the-clock care or intensive support. You can provide care when other staff cannot, which can help a client to stay in assisted living while receiving the care they need.

Provide One-On-One Time
A client can always benefit from one-on-one time with a caregiver they know. Simply spending time reading a book, doing a puzzle, or talking can be a valuable addition to a client's day.

Provide Personal Care
If a client is recovering from surgery or an illness, their care needs may be greater than what assisted living staff have the time to offer. You can provide personal care to ensure that all of the client's needs are met while they're recovering. 

Offer Enrichment
Assisted living facilities often provide activities, but you can provide your client with special activities tailored to their needs and interests. Going for walks, taking them on shopping outings, and doing activities that they enjoy will help to make their time in assisted living more engaging and enjoyable.
Recommended Recipe: Your First Cranberry Sauce
Just in time for Thanksgiving, here is an easy cranberry sauce recipe which I changed a little for my own taste, but also to cut down on some of the sugar as well.

I used 6 tablespoons of sugar instead of 2/3 of a cup, and then I used 4 tablespoons of honey to taste. You may decide to try and forego the sugar entirely and use only honey.

Also I added a teaspoon of grated orange zest as well as the lemon because I like that orange flavor in cranberry sauce. I also added a cinnamon stick to the recipe, putting it in when I added the zest.

If you don't like those flavors then leave them out, but I am a fan of those flavors because they remind me of fall - and of Thanksgiving in particular. Good eating, my friends.

-           Allan Parker
Dir of Sales and Marketing

You can see the full recipe here.
We have a referral bonus program to refer new caregivers and new clients:

The Latest Alzheimer's Research And Developments
Alzheimer’s affects a huge portion of our population, but researchers continue to work toward better understanding and curing this disease.

The World's Largest Family History Study of Alzheimer's Seeks More Volunteers
Thanks to a $19 million award, the Wisconsin Registry of Alzheimer's Prevention (WRAP) is performing the world's largest family history study of people with Alzheimer's. The study began in 2001 and involves about 1,500 volunteers, but the is looking for more volunteers to participate.

We’ll continue to keep you up-to-date with advancements and important Alzheimer’s information. 
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