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Winter 2021
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Our Featured Employee:
Donna Levers
We chose Donna Levers as the Cahoon Care "Employee of the Quarter" because her compassionate work always exceeds expectations. She has consistently made meaningful contributions to the lives of both our clients, their families, and those at Cahoon Care.

Donna's caregiving background began years ago while caring for her grandfather in Jamaica. Later, after a former employer's health declined, she stepped in to care for him for over a two-year period.

Donna received her Home Health Aide (HHA) certification three years ago. She has always enjoyed working with seniors, describing her clients as "a special group of people," and admits to wearing her heart on her sleeve when engaging with them. She feels that she benefits tremendously from being a caregiver, and knows the importance of bringing hope and happiness to others.

Donna sees herself working as a caregiver for many more years to come. Her broad experience encompasses all realms of caregiving, from working with clients that are two-person transfers, to assisting those requiring a Hoyer lift, to caring for patients in all stages of Alzheimer's and dementia disease.

Our clients say that Donna is always willing to pitch in with whatever needs to be done:

"She has been an integral part of [my husband's] care and my ability to keep him home with us."

"Donna is an amazing caregiver. She always has a positive attitude and a peaceful demeanor."

"Donna is gentle, calming, and efficient."

It can be challenging to meet every person's needs adequately. Donna's special skills of sensing and understanding the best ways to be supportive and helpful in different settings makes her "simply perfect as a caregiver. A fantastic balance of gentle but firm in very difficult situations."

Your hard work and dedication are admirable. Thank you for all you do and for who you are, Donna!
Self-Care & Destressing Tips for Caregivers Working During COVID
It's no secret that for most individuals, stress levels have gone through the roof in recent months, as the risk of COVID-19 coupled with stay-in-place guidelines have cramped our style and turned life as we knew it upside down.

While everyone certainly deserves a pat on the back for navigating through the chaos of COVID-19, the true heroes during the pandemic have been the caregivers - from the doctors and nurses dealing with COVID-19 patients to those caring for the health-challenged at home.

The very nature of a caregiver is putting the needs of others above one's own. While such selflessness is admirable, it's very important for caregivers to give themselves some love to avoid burnout and to remain effective in their roles. This includes attending to their own physical, mental, social, and emotional needs.

Because they are so caught up in the demands of their work, some caregivers are unaware of their levels of stress.

Visit our blog for tips on how to destress.
Spread the Word! Employees Give the Best Referrals!
Do you enjoy working for the Cahoon Care team? How would you like to make a little extra money? 

If the answers to these questions are yes, why not refer your experienced colleagues, friends or relatives to work for us, too!

You can earn up to a $115.00 value in referral payout!!

*A $15.00 coffee or movie gift card will be sent to you once your referral is hired and works shifts with no incidents for one full week.
*The $100.00 bonus will be paid out after 90 days of the referral working shifts.

There are a few rules in place to collect the referral bonus:

*Referral must work at least 200 hours in the 90-day period from the date of hire;  (That’s an average of 16 hours per week.)
*Referral must work free of disciplinary incidents;
*Referral must have no unexcused call-outs. (Call-outs with doctor’s note are excused.)
*Referral and the Referrer must still be employed with Cahoon at the end of the 90 days.

Many of our caregivers have made several hundred dollars by referring others. Some of these referrals have gone on to become the top caregivers on our team!

Please call the office today to start earning that extra money!
Friendly Reminders
about Best Work Practices
After-Hour Contact - If you need to get in touch with us for any reason after hours (evenings or weekends), be sure to call the main office line in Norwell or Maine rather than sending a text. For example, if you get a flat tire on your way to work and want to let us know that you'll be late, call - don't text!

Mask Policy - If a client asks you to remove your mask, please refer them to the office. We will support you by explaining our policy to the client or family member. Our policy is that under no condition should you remove your mask, even if the client asks you to do so because they can't hear you. You are not a guest in their home; you are there to work. Click here to download a helpful pro-mask flyer that can be distributed in client homes.

Cell Phones - Caregivers should not give their cell phone numbers out to clients or family members. All scheduling should go through the office. Do not call your client or their family from the store to ask if they need anything.
Spread the Word!
Caregiver Appreciation Day
February 14 was Valentine's Day, February 19 was National Caregivers Day, and March 3 is Caregiver Appreciation Day.

In honor of all three days, we want to express our heartfelt appreciation for our own caregivers. We have the best around!! You are loved!
New Sick Time Request Form
A new version of the Sick Time Request Form for Cahoon Care employees has been added to our website under the Employee Hub.

Click here to access it.
Need Training?

If you wish to get additional training in any area of caregiving, particularly in dementia or Alzheimer's care, we can sign you up for a class. Just let us know!
COVID-19 Vaccine: Where, When, How & Why to Get It
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently authorized the emergency use of two vaccines to prevent COVID-19: one for people 16 years or age and older, and another for people age 18 and older.

Both vaccines require two doses per person, roughly three to four weeks apart. Their trials showed that immunity takes effect roughly six weeks after the first dose, though it is unclear how long immunity lasts.

While this is good news for those hoping for a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, we are still a long way off from winning the battle against COVID-19. Vaccine supplies are very limited at the moment, and only certain demographic groups are currently elligible to receive the vaccine.

Learn more about when you might be eligible and how to schedule your appointment on our blog.
Ways to Engage Seniors During the Winter
'Tis.the season to stay warm, safe, and healthy - especially for our older population. The combination of navigating the cold winter months with an ongoing pandemic requiring social distancing can create extra challenges for those looking to engage the elderly.

Here are some ideas of stimulating indoor activities for seniors that can be safely carried out alongside a caregiver or family member:

Local road trips to popular in-town destinations can be a welcome distraction from being indoors all the time. By staying in the car, you both will technically still be "indoors" so you can stay warm while wearing masks to keep you both safe. Take time to enjoy the beautiful scenery, or drive by and explore popular tourist destinations during the off-season when crowds are nonexistent.

Visit our blog tor more great ideas!
Video Corner: The Impact of COVID-19 on Caregivers of Alzheimer's Patients
A large number of Alzheimer's patients are cared for by family members and spouses. During recent stay-at-home advisories during COVID-19, these caregivers have been under tremendous amounts of increased stress, with little opportunity for respite. Here are some tips for ways to alleviate some of that stress to avoid caregiver burnout.
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