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What Does a Cat Fountain Need?

Although the fundamentals of cat water fountains are all pretty much same – the fountains deliver water in one fashion or another, through some sort of filtration and re-circulation system – there yet remain important differences among them, in terms of what the fountains are made of, the quality and longevity of their filtration systems, how easy the fountains are to clean, the durability of the cat fountain itself, the aesthetics of the fountains both visually and aurally, and what they cost. Here  is a simple, non-promotional page which explains these differences and helps you learn what to look for when purchasing a cat water fountain.

Girl With Cat , Franz Marc, 1912
Piazza Arabesque

Koi Spray
Gifting ThirstyCat Fountains

It often happens that someone purchases a ThirstyCats Fountain for their own cats (and themselves) and later wish to give one to family members or friends, which is great. We generally know without having to think much about it what we want for ourselves in a cat fountain, but when giving to someone else there are factors to consider in the selection process. So we  created this page  to help with that generous and thoughtful endeavor of gifting a cat fountain from ThirstyCats.

Two Boys with a Cat and a Bird , Helmut Kolle, 1923
Do you feel you communicate with your cat? Check out the National Geographic Channel's new series Cat Talk to explore what your cat may be saying to you. The three part series begins on October 24 on the National Geographic Channel. Check your local listings for the time.
Hemingway's Cats Ride Out Hurricane Irma

While hurricane Irma left a path of destruction across the Florida Keys and the Caribbean, Jacque Sands, stayed put in Key West. Sands, general manager of Ernest Hemingway House and Museum, refused to leave the 54 ‘Hemingway cats’ that reside in the Museum. Check out this New York Times article this dedicated woman. 
Misbehaving Cats: Why You Should Never Scold a Cat

Training your cat to live in harmony within your home can be a challenge. Scolding may seem like a natural response to unwanted behavior, but are you doing more harm than good? Daina Bocco on Paw Culture explores options for responsible pet owners and why scolding your cat just doesn’t work. 

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