Myofascial Self Treatment
Teacher: Alex Newton SPT

Six Week Self Care Course
Join a small class (max 6) for instruction on self care with Myofascial Release.

Sign up by Feb 10 - get a book ($35 value) for $20 with class. Comprehensive Self Treatment with MFR

Class time:
Weekly Monday Feb 19 - Mar 26 from 4:30-5:30 pm
Fridays March 2 - April 6 from 8-9 am

Course outline:
Week 1 - Focus on the Pelvis
Overview of principles of MFR, Learn to do cross hand release on quads, techniques to balance the pelvis and understand which muscles are involved in the imbalance, Guided mediation

Week 2 - Focus on the Neck
Review principles of MFR, learn telescoping stretch and using the arms to reach into the neck, upper back stretch, doorway stretch, platysma stretch, TMJ release, Guided mediation

Week 3 - Focus on the Rib cage
Understand principles of MFR - learn how rotation along with elongation will take you deeper. Find release in the diaphragm to unlock so many things. Release the transition area between the back and the neck to allow both ends freedom. Free the rib cage. Guided meditaion

Week 4 - Focus on the Back
Learn about the front of the back and the back of the front. Diagonal pairing of the arms and legs and how it influences the function of the back and how to use this to stretch the back, Side lying stretch, Stretches for the Piriformis, Psoas, guads and hams. Guided mediation

Week 5 - Focus on the Cranosacral System
Learn about the craniosacral rhythm, still points and unwinding. Access the system with inner oral work. Guided imagery to explore your inner world. Star unwinding and Rebounding.

Week 6 - Focus on Full Body
Review of individual questions from group on anything in the book. Use of tools for self treatment - cranio cradle, foam rollers, nolla roller, balls, wedges and final guided mediation focusing on Chakra system

Course fee: $150 for 6 hours of instruction. That's $25 per class.
Walk in's for the day if space available $50

Call or text 940-372-1072
Ask for Amy between 9-2 to get signed up.