September 13, 2016                                                                                                                                                Issue #8
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S.B.S. is celebrating 38 years of Simply Better Service!
38 years ago this week:

The top hit was: 
The Rolling Stones  - Miss You

World Series Champions were:
The  New York Yankees

The top 5 Most Popular TV shows were:
1. Laverne & Shirley (ABC)
2. Happy Days (ABC)
3. Mork & Mindy (ABC)
4. Three's Company (ABC)
5. Angie (ABC)
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S.B.S. provides collection services throughout the state of California for Property Management Companies and Homeowners Associations.
Our company operates as a fully automated, technically advanced, in-house processing center. We design our service to meet our client's needs.

 collected over $4 million for HOA's 
in 2015!

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A Message from the Editor
 We hope that you had a fantastic  summer of fun and sun!

 The S.B.S. team continues to 
 work hard on our clients behalf  providing Simply Better Service  for all of your assessment  collection needs.  We also wish to  keep you updated  on the latest  happenings in the industry, share  some tips with you, as well as have some fun with  trivia and surveys!  Please let us know what you  would find most helpful by emailing me at

Warmest regards,
Jennifer Kennick
Executive Vice President
S.B.S. Lien Services

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Tips and Industry Updates
One of the main complaints of owners in HOAs is lack of communication by the association.  For example, owners who are not kept well informed will balk when it becomes necessary to raise additional funds.  Even if the board has discussed the need for these funds at its previous ten board meetings, owners who did not attend those meetings may still be unaware.  It is extremely important, therefore, for a board of directors to keep owners informed of issues involving the association.
One thing to remember is that board members are also owners.  They are, however, more informed owners because they are involved in dealing with the issues facing the association.  All owners within the community, however, should be aware of the issues facing the association.

While owners are generally authorized to attend most board meetings, many owners are unaware of or do not exercise this right.  Owners should be encouraged to attend the association's meetings. Newsletters and websites can be extremely important educational and informational vessels in associations. 
They can inform owners of upcoming meetings or issues facing the association; they can remind owners of key rules or regulations; they can make owners feel part of a community; and they can even generate a small amount of revenue for the association (if ads are sold to local businesses).
Newsletters and websites do not have to be a burden.  A newsletter or website committee can be formed with owner volunteers to do most of the legwork.  The board should always strive to review information presented in its newsletters or on its website to ensure accuracy and to avoid potential liability for libel or harassment.  Often property management companies will offer newsletter or website services to associations.  Associations who do not have volunteers should take advantage of these opportunities.  As indicated above, the newsletter or website does not always have to be a cost to the community.  Oftentimes, local businesses will pay to advertise within the association's newsletter or on its website.  The funds generated through these advertisements can be used to offset the costs or even to generate revenue.
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