A lot has been happening around Under The Same Sun. I wanted to share three important events that I think will interest you. They really touch on the diversity of the work that supporters like you help UTSS to do.

One of our students, Emmanuel (now 14) is back in the United States to undergo further surgery. You will probably remember that when he was five years old he was attacked, losing his left hand, fingers from his right hand, and parts of his upper jaw. Earlier surgeries moved a toe to his hand to help him get more use from that hand. Last summer he received a functioning prosthetic re-fitted for his left arm. On this trip, Emmanuel underwent another surgery so that the toe on his right hand could act more like a thumb. The hope is that if successful, he will now be able to grasp things with his hand. This will make a huge difference to Emmanuel, as one of his favorite activities is painting and drawing!

Emmanuel is recovering well after his surgery, and enjoying New York despite having to wear a cast. “I like the weather because it is not too hot or too cold (yet!), and I like American food, especially pizza!” he says. Ester, our UTSS staff member who is accompanying Emmanuel, says that his English is really good and this is a great chance to practice it. Ester recalls, “I met Emma in 2013 at the first ever Summer Camp. It means a lot to me that I can stand by him and other kids with albinism to make sure they live their dreams.”
Ester with Emmanuel after the surgery.
On a sadder note, on October 2, 2017, Nassoro Mohammed Msingili, a 75-year old grandfather with albinism survived a brutal machete attack in his home at Nyarutanga Village in Tanzania. Men broke into his home and attacked Nassoro as he slept in bed with his wife. The men hacked Nassoro’s left arm off at the elbow. He remembers being hit on the head and the pain of his arm being cut off. Thankfully, neighbors came to the rescue and the assailants fled. Police are investigating. The UTSS First Response Team jumped into action immediately, visiting Nassoro in the hospital, offering support to him and his family, and following up on the police investigation. They then went to Nassoro’s village to document the attack and hold “Understanding Albinism” seminars in the community.
UTSS's Vicky Ntetema visits with Nassoro in hospital immediately after the attack.
At the international level, UTSS was a sponsor of the recent UN workshop on Witchcraft and Human Rights held Sept.21-22 at the Headquarters of the UN High Commission for Human Rights in Geneva. IK Ero, the Independent Expert on Albinism at the UN considered the event “groundbreaking” for being the “first-ever to discuss witchcraft and human rights in a systematic and in-depth manner at the international level.” Speakers included Peter Ash, UTSS founder and CEO, Vicky Ntetema, UTSS Executive Director in Tanzania, and Mariamu Staford, a woman with albinism who survived a witchcraft-related attack in Tanzania, and shared her experience. Based on the input of UTSS and other experts, a report of recommendations will be issued soon. We’ll let you know when it is available.
Peter Ash speaks at the UN workshop on witchcraft.
As always, if you have any questions about the situation in Tanzania or how your support is making a difference please feel free to get in touch with me. 

Thank you for your part in ensuring that this essential work continues!


Christine Lancing
Director of Development
Under The Same Sun