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We are excited to announce yet another new Arizona Lighting Sales team member, Michael Swanson!

Michael joins our team with exceptional knowledge on the design engineering side.

He graduated from Kansas State University with a B.S. in Architectural Engineering, and started his career with Affiliated Engineers, Inc where he worked on numerous projects in Arizona. Some of his notable clients included PSHIA, ASU, SHRMC, Valleywise Health, City of Phoenix, and Mayo Clinic.

Michael brings a great work ethic, a good knowledge base and a new perspective to our side of the industry.

When his hard work pays off, he heads to the snow to ski and hike with his wife. He also enjoys spending time at home working on construction projects, and hanging out with his two West Highland Terriers.

Please join us in welcoming Michael to our team!

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Designed by Finelite

A slim accent luminaire with an advanced LED module design that delivers uniform illumination ideal for highlighting vertical surfaces

efficiently and effectively.

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Co-Pilot Family

Designed by Insight

Co-Pilot_Wash_Application_2-1536x791 image

Insight Lighting is very excited to introduce Co-Pilot, the flexible linear companion to the very successful Pilot series of linear accent lighting. Co-Pilot can be used indoors or outdoors and is offered in three simple packages.

  • Co-Pilot Dome is the traditional highlight direct view option with 155° optics, offering 5 W/Ft of CCTs from 2200K - 4000K, static colors, or RGB+W color-changing package. 

  • Co-Pilot Flat offers a low-profile version (115° optics) with the same luminous options and is under 3/4“ thick.

  • Co-Pilot Wash offers a flexible sealed product with simple optics in 25°, 40°, or asymmetric distributions. 

All Co-Pilot products are available in 15' lengths, field cuttable, IP67 rated, and have a vertical bend capability.

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LED Recessed Plenum Access Surgical Luminaire w/Inset Door Frame

Designed by Viscor

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This fixture is commonly located above the table perimeter using symmetric or asymmetric distributions. The MSUi is designed for recessed mounting in surgical ceiling systems as well as grid and flanged installations. 

  • Easy access
  • Less cleanup - back in service quickly
  • Located near where you need to work
  • Lower cost than sealed access panels
  • No added installation labor
  • Smooth lens for easy cleaning
  • Room side access to all electrical components
  • Fully luminous lens aperture option
  • Up to 24,000 lumens
  • Symmetric & Asymmetric options
  • Optional 90 CRI


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Luna Acoustic

Designed by TMS Lighting

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Featuring highly effective sound absorbing qualities with more than 15 colorful acoustic panels, sophisticated aluminum construction with premium finishes and modern designs, the TMS ACOUSTIC collection is thoughtful, sustainable and extremely desirable in every way.




• LED 90CRI 3101 - 12185 LUMENS

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OmniSheet & Matrix LED

Designed by Omnify

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Illuminating stone surfaces has never been easier. OmniSheet light guided panels and Matrix LED sheets are two customizable, durable backlighting solutions ideal for translucent stone. With low power requirements and easy installation, both products may be used for countertops, ceilings, and feature walls. The application ideas are endless.

  • Accent lighting made to order
  • Malleable to enhance any shape of fixture
  • DIY-ease of installation
  • Frameless and out of sight
  • Color temperature options and dimmable power with plug and play controls
OmniSheet-Product-1 image

OmniSheet is an embedded LED light panel, boasting a mere 6mm thickness and perfect lighting uniformity. They are made to order to match any surface. Enjoy ease of assembly with plug and play.

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Matrix-Product image

The Matrix is the smallest, cuttable LED light sheet on the market. Easy on-site customization of the sheet coupled with the low energy requirements makes it an ideal choice for luminating surfaces. 

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Designed by iGuzzini

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Crystal delivers preciousness to the ceiling and throughout any space. The minimal linear form combines with the rich finish to create a magical play of light reflections, even when not in use.

The new patented Opti Diamond optic is the result of a careful study of materials and engineering that optimize the catadioptric principle, producing an extraordinary brilliance, visual comfort and high efficiency.

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Designed by BetaCalco

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With a lens only 2” in width, BLOCK SLIM is BetaCalco's narrowest linear recessed yet. 

BLOCK SLIM Recessed offers a slimline aesthetic that does not compromise on performance and delivers up to 135 lumens per watt. 

Standalone lengths up to 12’ are available, as well as continuous runs up to 50’ on a single circuit.

Use a combination of lengths to create digital-age design effects on the ceiling or long lines of light for ambient illumination or wayfinding.

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Designed by Lumenwerx

Curvia2_Carousel_Prism-1 image

Curvia 2 Prism luminaires with Diamond Prism Optic (DPO) are 2" wide and illuminate with a soft magnificence. Behind their warm glow, however, these luminaires pack a powerful punch with an unprecedented efficacy of up to 150 lm/W, an industry-leading UGR across all louver color options, and an efficient batwing distribution to top it all off.

Curvia-office-1 image
Curvia-2-Shape-Pendant_v2-Louvers image
Curvia-office-6-2 image
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Post Sconce™

Designed by Wagner

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This post-mount luminaire is designed for way-finding, path illumination from railing posts. The Cuff™ Post Sconce™ is a series of concentric housing shapes that gently reflect illumination onto surrounding surfaces. Cuff is available in staid architectural forms and organic curves with incised options available to add patterns of light to your design.

Thoughtfully designed housing combined with the included 316 stainless steel hardware provides superior harsh environment protection and vandal resistance.

Please note that Cuff Post Sconces are only available with fabricated Lumerail® Solutions.

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d90083d6-753e-40e9-85fb-51319b4cbcad image
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lady_galala-indoor-salottino-web image

Lady GalalaDesign by Peluffo & Partners

for Martinelli Luce

peluffo_and_co image

Peluffo & Partners is a leading figure in the international panorama of contemporary architecture. Its buildings emerge and will emerge with originality in Italy, in Rome, Milan, as well as in Liguria, Molise and Veneto, in France and in Egypt. They remind us of with their presence the possible generosity of architecture. Characteristics of their work are the firm belief that architecture can change the world, that happiness is the aim of the work of architecture and that every building. Its main place of work and cultural welcome, the historic Studio of Lucio Fontana in Pozzo Garitta in Albissola represents the choice of genealogical continuity in the contemporary world.

Lady Galala was conceived during a meeting under a tent in the mountainous desert of Sokhna, Egypt. It was imagined as moved by the wind, it was envisaged in a dream of colours and joy, mounted and hung casually, for an evening of shisha, tea, Turkish coffee, or for an Iftar after sunset.

In the various combinations it resembles the appearance of the East, the Middle East, Africa, the Mediterranean and finally of our own home.

A madeleine of light and lightness.

lady_galala_dsc9262-web image
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C_Ball SystemDesign by Stone Designs

for B.Lux

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Since 1995 Cutu Matazuelos (1973) and Eva Prego (1974) have formed the multidisciplinary studio Stone Designs. They took their first steps into the world of interior design with exhibitions and stands, which allowed them to experiment with different approaches and forge a very personal vision of design, based on naturalness and simplicity.

Stone Designs has worked with B.lux on several custom lighting projects, for both restaurants and retail spaces. In 2014, B.lux included Stone Designs’ Scout suspension lamp in its catalogue of decorative lighting for homes. Thus, the studio joined the brand's cadre of regular designers.

Both, Stone Designs and B.lux, walk the same path in a way that ensures effective communication and captivates current and future clients. A functional communication that converges the design and its condition of manufacturers in a visual concept: to transmit through the image, not the words, impregnating all these years of history of the Basque brand in an easily understandable reflection. Now, we will direct the image of the company as part of its branding, unifying all corporate messages so that company and clients connect in the most direct and sensitive way possible.

C_Ball System is a lighting system that allows adapting the lighting to the spaces by using different wall or ceiling accessories. It is a tubular system to which lighted blown-glass spheres in an opal white finish, from the C_Ball decorative lamp collection, are attached. Its metal parts are available in a matte black finish.

C_Ball System, designed by Stone Designs, was recently awarded the “Special Prize EPIX: Be Smart For Your City” at the Venetian Smart Lighting Award 2022.

VSLA-22-img-sito-eng image
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Kelly DomeDesign by Andrea Tosetto

for Lodes

Andrea-Tosetto image

Following his graduation at the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Venice, Andrea Tosetto joined the family lighting company, which he soon took over.

Andrea marks the transition of the company from the classical lines of that time to an innovative and more contemporary language. His dynamic entrepreneurial style and lively creative vein come to life in refined products that enhance the craftsmanship method. Andrea succeeded in emphasizing the company’s know-how, focusing on the internalization of production processes and on the use of quality materials with a strong bond with the Venetian territory. Kelly, Nautilus are just some of Andrea’s creations for LODES.

Seductive beauty with a bold personality thanks to the strong and precise laser cuts, which lighten the metal of the lampshade and create an intriguing play of light and shadow. Kelly is a multifaceted family of suspension and wall lamps that stand out with elegance in any living space thanks to the variety of available forms and finishes.

Kelly-11 image
Aphros-0282-0292-0302AMTCR image

AphrosDesign by Oriano Favaretto

for Sylcom

Masiero-Favaretto image

Oriano Favaretto was born in Treviso in 1956. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice with master Emilio Vedova. He lives and works in the Venetian countryside which, with his human and natural presences, marks his inner and artistic formation.

The passion for Murano glass brings him closer to the legendary forge of angels where he collaborates with legendary names in the sector.

Among the numerous successes achieved in his career we point out some: 1981 – winner of the competition between Italian academies and winner of the scholarship to the Bevilacqua la Masa Foundation; 1987 and 1992 – Murano prize, Guggenheim Peggy Collection and A.B.A .; 1993 – gold lamp award, s.i.i., Paris; 1997 winner of the prix d’excellence prize for the Polipò lamp of the year, Marie Claire.

Rural and visionary, poised between form and content, Favaretto ranges in the world of design by signing products for international companies and brands such as: Sylcom, Venini, Artemide, Cattelanitalia, Masiero, Demajo, Leucos, Porada, Bonaldo, Mastella, Vistosti, Linealight, Mastelladesign, Viabizzuno.

Currently, his works are exhibited at the Murano glass museum and in private collections.

The sea foam – or aphros in ancient Greek – from which the goddess Aphrodite was born materializes in the form of small glass sculptures full of charm, color and appeal. A delightful collection of blown-glass lighting fixtures proposed in hanging, wall and ceiling versions. The variety of shapes and colors attractively light up and reveal the beauty of the glass and play of contrasts on the smooth surface peppered with mini bubbles. Aphros is also proposed as a system for group compositions that can be adapted to the most wide-ranging design needs.

Aphros-composizione-KIT0281_0281_0291_0301TOPGRYCR_closeup image
08-saxobank-19-71663-25801-50048 image

LC ShuttersDesign by Louise Campbell

for Louis Poulsen

louise-campbell-550x750 image

Louise Campbell was born in Copenhagen in 1970. Being the daughter of a Danish father and an English mother, she grew up and was educated in both countries.

After graduating from the London College of Furniture in 1992, she returned to Denmark and continued her studies in Industrial Design at Denmark's Design School, graduating from here in 1995.

She set up her own studio in 1996, from where she has worked independently since. Her main focus is on furniture and lighting design, but the studio is increasingly involved in product and interior design projects as well.

lc_shutter_t1 image

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Wireless Lighting Control Can Help Contractors Capitalize on Industry Trends - IEC Insights

The good news is the construction outlook is strong and contractors are busier than ever. They also are still facing significant market challenges including ongoing supply chain disruptions, a persistent shortage of skilled labor, changes to building codes and standards, and increased operating costs.

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StarLink_Picture image


Designed by StarTek Lighting

  • Proprietary linking design for straight rows
  • Continuous row configurations available up to 408’ at 277V, and 176’ at 120V
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Three standard lumen packages
  • Efficacy up to 145 lm/W
  • Soft diffuse direct lighting
  • Finishes available in Anodized Clear or Black
  • Custom powder coat colors available upon request*
  • Approved for dry and damp locations
  • 0-10v dimming is standard
  • Dim to 1% of output current

View Product Page Here
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Quick Ship

While most AFX products ship normally within 2-3 business days, AFX’s Quick Ship program offers 2 and 5 day shipping on items stocked in volume quantities to accommodate your large projects.

For projects that require a customized flair, see our list of made to order fixtures that can be shipped within 6 weeks of receipt of your order.

As always AFX has hundreds of items in stock, quantity and lead times may vary, check with your sales rep for current stock availability.

Standard terms and conditions apply.

View Quick Ship Items Here
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Hitting the High Note with Visioneering’s LHBT Luminaire

The high and mighty LHBT by Visioneering is a high-performance recessed luminaire designed for lay-in low and high-bay applications. This luminaire is ideally suited for high ceiling applications in commercial offices, industrial environments, retail merchandising, educational spaces and many others. The LHBT delivers up to 30,000 lumens with an ambient operating temperature of up to 50˚C.

45896ac2-dd88-4e42-ba25-9fc040fedb5f image

The LHBT’s clean and simple design allows for field installation of a frosted lens and or wire-guard option without the need for a doorframe.

View Product Page Here
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Flush Mounted Architectural Emergency Light

By Isolite

4 Integrated 1W LED Heads product bright light that will not fade over time


Flush-mounted design makes the emergency lights blend into the ceiling


Adjustable LEDs allow for up to 50ft light spacing


Available in push-to-test and self-diagnostic versions


Meets all NFPA 101 life safety requirements for run time and recharge time


Available in textured white and textured black finishes

View Product Page Here


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