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February 2021
Dear Friend of DKT,
The New Year has come and gone and we hope you were able to celebrate safely. Reflecting on 2020, we are proud of the way contraceptive social marketing has helped more women and men access sexual and reproductive healthcare during a trying year. We know that our work is more than just the numbers, and we want to take the opportunity to humanize our work, celebrate when country programs reach significant milestones, and thank the supporters who made it all possible.

We are finalizing 2020 results and expect to share these with you soon.

In the meantime, we are starting out this new year with passion and determination to continue improving people’s lives around the world through ambitious social marketing, compassionate care, and innovative solutions.
Thank you for your continued support,

Chris Purdy
Read the stories behind the numbers: "How Social Marketing Changes Lives"
In our new booklet, DKT has gathered stories from around the world to share the impact of our work. “How Social Marketing Changes Lives,” tells the stories of women and men from Ethiopia, India, Nigeria, and Pakistan. Temitope Adebayo is a tailor’s apprentice in Nigeria, has a young daughter, and chose DKT's injectable contraceptive to prevent future pregnancy. You can read the full booklet here.

Left: DKT’s How Social Marketing Changes Lives tells the human impact of our work.
DKT White Papers highlight recent accomplishments and innovations
In case you missed them, DKT recently released three new White Papers covering innovative work:

  1. DKT WomanCare is providing systemic solutions to ensure market access for governments, NGOs, donors, and the private sector. Partnering with manufacturers, DKT WomanCare provides quality assurance, regulatory oversight, and operational sales and marketing support to bring innovations and supplies to more than 90 markets.
  2. In West Africa, DKT helped shape the market for Emergency Contraception by ensuring wide availability of supply, increasing capacity of health providers, and advertising to consumers.
  3. As the world moves further online, DKT and the WomenFirst Digital partnership are utilizing the immense power of the internet to educate women and men directly on safe abortion and contraceptive options.
Myanmar launches new campaign for Kiss Premium Condoms
DKT Myanmar launched a campaign, titled “Kiss Me,” in December for Kiss Premium Condoms. A major component of the campaign is the release of a new song, which chronicles a young man and his relationship troubles during the pandemic. The song was created by Naung Naung, a young and budding Burmese rapper. You can watch a reaction video here of the new song from the popular Do Something Plz music group. The new campaign will continue through March 2021 and come with a new music video. You can watch the lyric video here.
DKT Myanmar released a lyric video for their new Kiss Premium Condoms campaign.
DKT Indonesia celebrates its 25th anniversary
DKT Indonesia turned 25 this year and produced a video to celebrate the achievement. Since launching Sutra condoms in 1996, DKT Indonesia has played an important role in providing sexual and reproductive health care in the country (even becoming the government’s largest supplier of IUDs). From developing a robust network of midwives to partnering with local governments to expand access, DKT Indonesia has ensured women receive effective, affordable, and compassionate care. During the pandemic especially, DKT has stepped up to move a lot of activities online through webinars, e-commerce, and telemedicine.
DKT Indonesia staff, pictured above with Andalan midwives, celebrates 25 years this year.
Despite the pandemic’s challenges, DKT Ghana expands coverage and breaks records
As 2020 came to a close, DKT was on track to generate 1 million couple years of protection (CYP) in Ghana, a country with almost 30 million people, nearly 4 million of whom are married women of reproductive age. DKT achieved this impressive milestone because of a new effort to increase national distribution of sexual and reproductive health products. In order to better understand the availability of products, DKT conducted a mapping survey of over 2,600 outlets and used the results to bolster sales representatives and inventory to avoid stock-outs.
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