Your Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon Virtual Goodie Bag. (Your real goodie bag has cool stuff in it too, but we're saving the trees and putting "printed material" in here)
It's The Virtual Goodie Bag. Or Goody Bag. Heck, I don't know which I like better. 
Here's the deal--this year, we're going to quit killing so many trees. So instead of putting flyers and other printed material in the runner bags, we're only putting real stuff in there--you know, things you can eat, rub on your body, play with, throw at people. The printed stuff is going here.

Here's something cool--instead of only about 4500 runners getting your message, this whole publication will go out to my whole mailing list. That's just north of 20,000 people who will have the chance to see your message.                                             

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That's all we need. No heavy boxes of flyers delivered to my garage. No hotel wastebaskets full of stuff people didn't feel like reading right then because they were getting ready to run 26 miles. 

Published this way it will work great on either phones or computers. 
This is the Headline
  This is the text of your special message, followed by a sample link.  

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Gazelle Logo
Dude, you want to see this!
So all we need is:
1. Your Headline
2. Your text for your special message. 
3. If you have a special graphic other than your logo, you can put it here too! Just send it along. A jpg will be fine but we can use most everything.
4. The link you want to send people to for your special offer or your website.

Email it to me. (If you don't like the link, just email it to Use the subject line Virtual Bag
Groundhog Day Marathon
  Join us when the weather is a whole lot worse! February 5-6, 2017. Cold snow, hot soup. This race is not for wimps. You got what it takes?

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