A short list of 2017 eDiscovery related events


Every year Rob Robinson provides a short list of planned eDiscovery-related industry events across the U.S.

Below you will find a link to his list for 2017. It is a list that he readily admits is non-comprehensive and is based on the research and tracking of his company ComplexDiscovery  which ... besides running a very cool/informative blog of current news, views, and insight related to data discovery and governance ... can be engaged to provide strategic planning and tactical execution expertise in support of all this emerging legal technology and information governance stuff we read about. Rob has some interesting clients in both emerging technology and mature litigation support providers.

Note: if you are involved with an eDiscovery event or know of an event not on Rob's list, let him know. In the link below you will see how to contact him.

For Rob's list click here.

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