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We hope you enjoy this special Chanukah newsletter and have a wondrous, light-filled holiday!  

When do we light the first candle?

Light the first candle of Chanukah on Sunday, December 2 (25 Kislev), at sunset or after sunset. 
Which way do you put in & light the candles? I can never remember!

Add candles to the chanukiah from right to left (like Hebrew writing).

But light them (with the shamash) from left to right -- think of it as "welcoming" the newest candle first, like a gracious host!

Uhh.... I can't remember the prayers!
We understand! Chanukah comes but once a year!

Here's a guide to lighting the candles, with the prayers in English, Hebrew and transliterations. Rabbi Sharfman's recent Shabbat message included these links: information to share with children and grandchildren, and the prayers chanted by a Cantor. 
Wait! What do we do on Friday, when we light candles for Shabbat, too?

Easy peasy!
On Friday night, light the Chanukah candles before the Shabbat candles. And then on Saturday night, make Havdalah first, to end Shabbat; then light the Chanukah candles.
Did someone say "food"?

First, the basics: potato latkes and sufganiyot. Here's a great, basic latke recipe  from Tori Avey, and a yummy sufganiyot recipe (with video) from Joan Nathan.

But why stop there? For Chanukah food ideas from around the world, see this article (with recipes) by food writer and filmmaker Susan Barocas.

You're not going to write about food without writing about chocolate, are you?

We would never do that!  
In fact, we encourage you to enjoy guilt-free gelt by making sure your chocolate is certified "Fair Trade."  
This ensures that the
supply chain is free 
of child labor and forced labor, and that farmers were paid a sustainable 
price for their cocoa.  
You can find Fair Trade items for Chanukah and other holidays here.  
Cartoon from The New Yorker
Sing it! (Or just listen)

This year's break-out Chanukah song is Six13's Bohemian Chanukah, modeled after Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. 
But the most famous Chanukah song of all is still Maoz Tzur (Rock of Ages) -- sorry, Adam Sandler! You can brush up on the lyrics to Maoz Tzur with this easy-to-follow singalong.

(Speaking of rock, your Chanukah guests will think you're really cool, on fleek, lit, or whatever the kids are saying these days if your background music comes from Jewish Rock Radio.
If you're still singing Hamilton tracks, don't miss this  performance by Six13 or this version by the Maccabeats

And we still like this Pentatonix-style, a cappella version from Shir Soul.

Nothing beats hearing Chanukah music live!  
Join us for our KEHILLAHversary Shabbat  
on Friday, December 7 (special start time,  
7:00 p.m.) to enjoy special musical guests  
and our YEP! singers!   
 Reservations are required for this Shabbat.  
Overflow parking and shuttle service will be available.  
Think you already know plenty about Chanukah?

You might! (If not, check here before reading on.)  
But do you know when Thanksgiving and Chanukah will again converge into Thanksgivukah, as it was known way back in 2013? See #8, here, to learn when you can once again eat sweet potato latkes with toasted marshmallows, with no apologies or explanations needed.   
Where history meets modernity

Chanukah harkens back to 200 B.C., but that doesn't mean all Chanukah menorahs do, too. Explore the latest in Chanukiahs by designers, artists, and craftspeople here.  
And now for something completely ... serious

If Chanukah feels a little different to you this year, it's easy to understand why. Take a few quiet moments to reflect on the meaning of Chanukah in our lives today with the help of these essays:  
(written in 2016)
Chag Sameach  
Congregation Kehillah!
Celebrate this weekend at KEHILLAHversary , our 10th anniversary and building dedication.
Friday, December 7, Festive Kabbalat Shabbat 
for the entire Kehillah community, all ages!  
7:00 p.m.
Sunday, December 9, Evening Party
for adults only! 
5:00 p.m.   
Reservations are required for both December 7 and December 9. We expect a full house on Friday night, so please allow the synagogue parking lot to be used for handicapped parking and drop-offs. Overflow parking and shuttle service will be available Friday night.   
And may your lights shine, on Chanukah and always.  
"A light for one is a light for a hundred."  
~ Talmud

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