Woman's Way Red Lodge is now

The Gaian Collective!


Keith Caplin (Board Member) and GinaMarie Byars (Secretary) at recent Gaian Collective board retreat.

The Gaian Collective is a non-profit organization that envisions a diverse global community sanctuary where anyone can feel safe to explore connections between their inner spiritual practices and sacred nature in order to create a more sustainable world.

We are a community that teaches, nurtures, and celebrates the link between personal spirituality and our place as interconnected beings, improving the health, balance, and wellness between ourselves and the planet.

New membership options coming soon!

As a newly imagined organization, we have new membership options available--each with their own gifts and access to organization resources. 

One thing that every membership tier has in common, however, is the gift of a Seasonal Starseed -- an inspiring message from The Gaian Collective. These Starseeds are exclusive to our members, and are just one way in which we hope to nourish and enrich your connection between your inner spiritual practice and sacred nature. 

Here is our Fall 2021 Seasonal Starseed, as a special gift from The Gaian Collective, as we welcome you to our new organization.


Top Left: GinaMarie Byars (Secretary), Top Right: Erin McCusker (Consultant), Bottom Left: Madrone (Chair), Bottom Right: Keith Caplin (Board Member) at recent Gaian Collective board retreat.

Honoring a Loss by Keith Capliin


I am very thankful for the spiritual practices that I have built and developed in my life.  For me they provide a source of stability and grounding, especially when I am working with some heavy feeling and processes.  

Recently I needed to have a very large tree removed from my property due to pretty heavy damage done by a passing storm. For those of you that have not been to Phoenix AZ, the shade provided by a large tree is GOLD during the summer months.

This tree not only provided shade, but I also felt that it provided protection and guardianship to my little piece of land that I live on. I knew I needed to connect with the spirit of this tree to honor it and let it know what was needing to happen. For me, my spiritual practice is part of how I live, so this was an opportunity to honor the spirit of the tree and let it know what was going to happen.  

I sat with the tree and made a set of prayer ties, which are little bundles of tobacco, one for each year that I have lived on the property. I offered other libations to the tree as well. In this connection I clearly received an image to keep the stump, which originally was planned to be ground down, and use it as an outdoor altar. 

This new guidance brought some peace to my heart. The sadness I felt for the loss of this tree was much stronger than I expected but having these practices and honoring its spirit in the way that I did allowed me to navigate these emotions in a way that honored the spirit and allowed the space for the spirit of the tree to be present in my life in a different way.


You may see some materials coming from us with Woman's Way Red Lodge's name or email addresses. Please bear with us as we change names and get everything aligned with The Gaian Collective. Let us know if you have any questions about our process.

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