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Count on us to help you through

COVID-19 has affected all of us in many ways. It has weakened our economy, and made governments and businesses alter their priorities. I’ve heard many people compare our current coronavirus pandemic to war. We find ourselves in a fight, not with a country but with a virus. We are fighting not necessarily for our freedom, but for the health and safety of our communities and of all Americans and people across the globe.

And we are seeing how the resilience of the human spirit will carry us through this time, similar to how that spirit helped our nation through times such as the American Revolution and two World Wars. We are teaming together with a common goal: to fight and overcome this virus.

I want you to know that Security Health Plan is in your corner at this especially difficult moment. We are looking at ways we can provide flexibility for you and your family members to receive the care you need – such as through telehealth services, and by lifting certain prior authorization requirements. And we are collaborating with others across the health care industry to help Wisconsin citizens and employers.

In addition, we are reaching out to communities. Marshfield Clinic Health System and Security Health Plan have established a COVID-19 Community Support Fund to provide financial resources quickly and easily to local organizations that can help “flatten the curve” by addressing local needs and issues associated with the COVID-19 virus. The Community Support Fund will distribute up to $400,000 to initiate or sustain efforts focused on addressing community needs associated with food insecurity, childcare, elder care, emergency transportation or other challenges due to the statewide public health emergency. If you are aware of an organization that can use the help, you can find eligibility and funding information, along with the application, here.

While our offices are closed to visitors during the COVID-19 situation, we remain open for business and we continue to carry out our mission to help you reach your best health. You can contact us by phone, email or online. We are pleased to continue covering your health care needs now and into the future. Please visit our website for updated information about COVID-19.

If you have general questions about COVID-19, Marshfield Clinic Health System has established a COVID-19 Helpline dedicated to provide community members with information and answer questions about the virus. Call 1-877-998-0880 , 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are experiencing symptoms and would like advice on whether to be tested, please call the 24-hour Nurse Line at 1-800-549-3174 . We recommend calling the Nurse Line/Care My Way for advice on whether you should be tested for the COVID-19 virus before going to a health care facility. Calling before you are seen will prevent unintentional spreading of illness, and will reduce wait times within health care facilities. Security Health Plan members have unlimited access to the 24-hour Nurse Line for free. Most members have free, unlimited access to Care My Way. Members with employer coverage through Security Administrative Services may receive a charge for the use of Care My Way.

Thank you to those of you who are deeply involved with providing services and supplies to help keep our communities safe, healthy and thriving. As we continue to experience how this virus evolves and further changes our lives, we will be in this fight with you. We will get through it together.

Warm regards,

Julie Brussow
Chief Executive Officer
Security Health Plan of Wisconsin, Inc.
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