Connecting Masorti youth and young adults around the world

We all know that today's youth are tomorrow's leaders, but ...


"The Jewish community is losing youth who drop out of Jewish life after bar or bat mitzvah in unacceptably large numbers. Jewish institutions are struggling to keep teenagers and young adults engaged."  

Moving Traditions, Engaging Jewish Boys - A Call to action


"Considerable anxiety about the Jewish identity of the current generation of young Jewish adults has emerged in recent conversations, with many believing that young Jews are abandoning the values, faith, and institutions of their parents and grandparents."

Young Jewish Adults Today, American Jewish Committee


The quotes above are not new to any of us. But the question of how to address this situation and create meaningful connections to Judaism in the hearts and minds of young Jewish people remains at the top of our agenda. 

And for this reason Masorti Olami and MAROM Olami are investing in today's youth and young adults, connecting them to their Judaism and connecting them to each other. Studies have shown that building connections and communities based on common interests and experiences is the most powerful tool in significantly affecting Jewish identity.


Please click below to watch a 3 minute video of ways that we are connecting Jewish youth and young adults around the world.  


This is work that you support, and its something we want you to be proud of.


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