A Warm Hello from Belize

January and February are a delightful time for us in Belize, as winter is when we are greeted with many familiar faces of visiting friends and volunteers escaping the cold, hard winters of the USA and Canada. These visitors bring energy, ideas and much needed donations of school supplies.

PLEASE: If you ever hear of a friend of colleague who is coming to Belize, please ask them to pack a few donations in their bag and come and visit us!
A Special Visit from The Anglican Bishop of Belize
In early February, Bishop Philip Wright visited Holy Cross and held a whole school church service, with the theme of "This little light of mine - I'm going to let it shine." Students were delighted to share their ideas for letting their light shine.

The Bishop then blessed the classrooms and spent the afternoon with staff and foundation board members.
Excellent Progress on the House of Grace
Visiting mission teams helped us make some rapid progress on the House of Grace. The interior is really starting to take shape now, with the kitchen cabinets installed, the shower tiled and a stunningly beautiful, vaulted hardwood ceiling in place. Thank you to all who worked so hard.
St. Stephens Episcopal Church Helps in the Heart of the School
In addition to helping on the House of Grace, a team of hardworking volunteers from St Stephen's Church in Edina, Minnesota lent a hand in the kitchen. They helped make tortillas - a wonderfully communal experience - and brought a donation from the Rotary Club of Edina and a couple from their church to replace a kitchen stove. Our kitchen staff are very grateful.
St. Luke's Episcopal Church Helps in Many Ways
St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Durham, North Carolina brings a diverse team every year. This year's team included members from Grace, Defiance, OH and Trinity Church, Mt Airy, NC. They offer social and medical services in San Mateo, measure heights and weights, tutor in classrooms, play music and helped us build. This team truly shows what's possible when you build long lasting relationships.
More Than Futbol Make Essay Writing Cool
Futbol (soccer) is an incredible tool for teaching life lessons - practicing skills, controlling yourself, setting goals, and learning from mistakes. The More than Futbol Team teaches all this and more through an afterschool soccer camp, in classroom chats, tutoring and even an essay competition that has our students excited to write.
Valentine's Day Fun at the Fair
Valentine's day is FUN at Holy Cross! Each year we hold a fair, with food and games, as a local fundraiser for the school. Parents are welcome, and it's a day of music, relaxing and just hanging out with friends.

This year the Standard 4 teacher Mr. Daniel Jones ran a photo booth as his fundraising event - a wonderful chance to get a physically printed photo of your family and friends.

The paper flowers were made by Estrella (Star) in the office - beautiful!
What's on the Wishlist?
If you're coming to Holy Cross - or know someone who is - please check our wish list!

We currently need:
  • Class sets of Books
  • Construction Paper
  • Heat activated laminating sheets
  • Printer Toner
  • Chromebooks or used laptops for staff
  • Tennis shoes and flats of all sizes for our students - used with plenty of life left in them is fine.
Thank your ongoing support of Holy Cross School.

If you haven't done so already, please follow us on facebook, where you'll get a regular stream of everyday events at the school.

We hope you stay warm in the coming months and look forward to seeing you in Belize one day.

From the Staff at Holy Cross Anglican School in Belize.
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