The Interfaith Alliance of Pennsylvania
"A Statement from the Interfaith Alliance of Pennsylvania 
on Health Care"

Board of Directors:
Rabbi Carl S. Choper-          
Rev. Lori Hatch-Rivera -       
Diana Onstott - Secretary
Randall Tenor - Archivist
David Messner
Most Rev. Michael Scalzi
Behzad Zandieh
Osho Geoff Dunaway
Ashok Shukla   interfaithalliancepa/

The Interfaith Alliance of Pennsylvania, seeking to reflect on our common teachings of our faith traditions, is committed to a moral and just society for all people.  We are morally against any health care system that does not take care of all people of the United States. Our faiths teach us to help our neighbors, even those we might not consider as neighbors. Our faiths teach us to care for our widows and orphans and to care for those in need especially those who are on the margins of society; the poor and disadvantaged. This includes those with mental illnesses that depend on their health insurance to cover their needed medications and therapies. This includes those who are too poor to purchase health insurance policies at current prices. This includes all people who work for small business that can't afford to provide health coverage to employees. We believe that health care that does not care for all its people is immoral and against all principles of a just society.

Pennsylvania   Council of Churches Ministry of Public Witness is asking people of faith to sign a letter to Senator Toomey.  
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