November 2018
Dear Friends,

We are so thankful for You! As we near the 2018 Holiday Season, we are counting our blessings. Your name is on that list.

This month we are highlighting the story of one of our students. We hope that you enjoy!
M ousa is just 5 years old. He is smart and loves going to school. His mom loves sending him to a school where the teachers and staff care about him and encourage him.

And that is important, because Mousa is also is showing signs of autism.

Children with autism in the West Bank have a lot of factors working against them. First, there is a lack of resources, and access to comprehensive medical care, so many cases go undiagnosed. Additionally, families often suffer from stigmas and social isolation that occur from a lack of understanding by those in the community. Because of this, they are often reluctant to seek the help they need.

Right now, Mousa is a student in our KG2 class and we love having him in our program. We hope to keep him at Seeds of Hope when we open our 1st and 2nd grade next year. However, if we are unable to open, Mousa could have trouble finding a school to go to. More often than not, children with autism are either turned away from the schools, or have so much trouble fitting in that their parents choose to keep them out of school.
Recently, Mousa learned that not only is he loved by the staff at our school, but he also has a family living in the U.S. that loves him and prays for him as well. Last month, he got a chance to meet his sponsor, and you can watch the story in our video on YouTube. When we say we are partnering with you to impact these lives, we mean it! It takes all of us, joining together, to let these kids know that are valued, they are important, they are loved.

Would you consider becoming a sponsor to one of our amazing kids? $50 a month helps us grow our program, and continue to impact the lives of these kids. To sponsor, visit the link below.
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