Chamber Updates June 3, 2020

Today is the Third of June; that day Bobbie Gentry sang a song about Billy Joe McAlister and a sleepy, dusty Delta day in the summer of 1967. The song hit #1 on August 26 of that year, after starting at #71 just three weeks earlier. The temperatures appear to be on the rise in the Ohio Valley, and I am sure the humidity will heat up the summer across the area, much the way it did in Mississippi as described in Gentry’s song lyrics. This is my first summer in Cincinnati, but believe me, Chicago was just as hot in June, July and August. 

In my most recent newsletter, I noted that Memorial Day has traditionally been the start of summer and shared some sobering numbers about COVID-19 deaths across the country. That number has now surpassed 105,000 people.

While we are in the middle of a pandemic, we are also in a time of unrest. Businesses that were just allowed to open, have once again been forced to close or limit hours while curfews have been put in place.

The summer of 2020 will likely be one that we all remember; the question becomes, HOW will you remember it? The events from the last week as viewed on TV, news media, and as close as downtown Cincinnati, have opened our eyes to violence and division by some, but peaceful and thoughtful engagement by SO many others.
Having grown up in a diverse community in Chicago and now living in the White Oak neighborhood with white, black, brown and other people of color represented in a community of caring, I would challenge each of us to recognize the importance of caring for our fellow man (and woman) and living our lives in peace. Last night I played softball (as I have for 30+ years) on a field that was dotted with red and blue uniforms. The color of one’s skin did not matter. It was about how hard the ball could be hit; how well the play could be made, and what the score was at the end of each inning. In our diverse business community, I think it should be about how well someone cuts my hair, serves my food or handles my bank transaction. Good food, quality customer service and a novel business approach are rewarded by higher sales, larger profits, and growth of one’s business.

All of us had our lives changed with the governor’s decree to close down the state on March 16. My hope and prayer are that we can weather this heat in a calm and orderly fashion by getting to know the person in line, as we patiently distance ourselves. I hope that we can see into the eyes of the person behind the COVID mask to see their smile as we share a kind word, open the door for them or welcome them into our place of business. In my most recent conversations about the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the discussions have been about unity; not the anger and violence that are pervasive across the news, but rather we’ve talked about a single act that has inflamed some to senseless acts caught on film across this country.

I welcome the opportunity to get to know you as people of NW Cincinnati, Colerain Township, and Ohioans. I look forward for you to get to know me better and see me as a trustworthy, kind and caring person accepted into YOUR community. I hope that I have earned your vote of confidence in my first three months and look forward to many years of serving you. In this upcoming Friday Networking ZOOM conference call, Sylvia Dwertman will be interviewing me, and we’ll be addressing many topics. Please join us for the discussion, and bring your questions to the table. The call-in information can be found HERE . Hopefully we will also see you out at Vinoklet Winery on the 18th for our Third Thursday evening network event; details can be found HERE

Be well, stay safe and as always, let us know how our Chamber of Commerce can help promote your business.

All the best!
Dave Moravec
President, Colerain Chamber of Commerce

PLEASE NOTE: The Colerain Chamber of Commerce is now receiving mail at the following address:
Colerain Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 532111
Cincinnati, OH 45253

Be sure to change your records and make payments to this address. Our office will still physically be located at 4300 Springdale Rd.
Responsible Restart Reminders
Duke Energy offers Chamber members some advice on how to safely reopen as well as how to monitor energy account to save money .

The full Responsible RestartOhio plan for consumer, retail and services can be found at  c .

The general safe business practices that all businesses must follow as they reopen are: 
  • Requiring face coverings for all employees, and recommending them for clients and customers at all times
  • Conducting daily health assessments or self-evaluations of employees to determine if they should work
  • Maintaining good hygiene at all times such as hand washing and social distancing
  • Cleaning and sanitizing workplaces throughout the day and at the close of business or between shifts
  • Limiting capacity to meet social distancing guidelines

"I have an obligation as the Governor of Ohio to get people back to work and keep them safe. Opening everything up at once would not be consistent with the obligation to keep people safe," said Governor DeWine. "Our Responsible Restart Ohio plan is the best guarantee that Ohioans will feel safe going to stores and employees will feel safe going to work. I'm optimistic about our future, but we can't be reckless."

The following businesses and operations remain closed as of May 26, 2020, as part of Ohio’s plan to prevent the spread of COVID-19. All open businesses, facilities, and other operations must follow required safety protocols.
  • K-12 schools.
  • (Excludes activities related to non-contact and limited contact sports; skills training for all sports; pools and aquatic centers.)
  • Older adult day care services and senior centers.
  • Adult day support or vocational rehabilitation services in congregate settings.
  • Rooming and boarding houses, and workers’ camps.
  • Certain entertainment/recreation sites.
  • Includes these places of public amusement:
  • Laser tag facilities, roller skating rinks, ice skating rinks, arcades, indoor miniature golf facilities, indoor trampoline parks, indoor water parks, arcades, and adult and child skill or chance game facilities remain closed.
  • Gambling industries. (Horse racing is permitted without spectators.)
  • Auditoriums, stadiums, arenas.
  • Movie theaters, performance theaters, and concert and music halls. (Drive-in theaters are permitted to open.)
  • Public recreation centers and indoor sports facilities.
  • Parades, fairs, festivals, and carnivals.
  • Amusement parks, theme parks, outdoor water parks, children's play centers, playgrounds, and funplexes.
  • Aquariums, zoos, museums, historical sites, and similar institutions.
  • Country clubs and social clubs.
  • Certain spectator sports, recreational sports tournaments, and organized recreational sports leagues. (Skills training for all sports is permitted. Non-contact and limited-contact sports are permitted. Batting cages, bowling alleys, tennis facilities, and golf courses are permitted to open.)
  • Some public and private pools. (Public pools and club pools regulated by local health departments are permitted to open. Use of swimming pools for single households also is permitted.)

For answers to your COVID-19 questions, call 1-833-4-ASK-ODH (1-833-427-5634).
For greater detail on State of Ohio requirements, visit
Current Ohio Statistics can be found here .
Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. If you or a loved one are experiencing anxiety related to the coronavirus pandemic, help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call the COVID-19 CareLine at 1-800-720-9616.

Resources Available
The grant funding application timeline has closed for small businesses across Hamilton County . Additional funds may become available in the future. For more information or to sign up for future announcements, go here .

REMINDER: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has launched a Save Small Business Fund to offer short term relief for businesses affected by COVID-19. The application process has gone live. Each grant is $5,000. This is a great opportunity that could benefit many small businesses here in Colerain. Click on this link to apply! Share with any businesses owners that you know.
The US Chamber of Commerce has also been publishing new resources and tips every day for small businesses, from how to effectively manage a team remotely, to mastering social media, to utilizing technology to keep productive at home. Check out this link to see what other small businesses are doing during this crisis.
Township Resources
Thanks for continuing to support the Colerain Chamber of Commerce Facebook and LinkedIn pages. We want to promote your businesses on our webpage, in our newsletters and on social media as well as during our membership events held in the community. Be sure to send your latest news, specials, highlights, awards and other information to and

To view a full list of our Colerain Chamber Membership, go here .

The Colerain Township News includes:
  • Nora Dashley is announced as Ohio YMCA’s Outstanding Program Director of the Year! Congrats Nora!
  • Township Special Meeting on Fire Levy
  •  Zoning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals meetings will resume in June
  • And much much more…
Go here for more info.
Additional Township Resources for businesses:
Chamber Programming
WEDNESDAY, Golf League – 4:45 pm at Pebble Creek Golf Club - We begin weekly play today with competition beginning on June 17.  If you have not yet signed up or would like to do so, please reach out to Dave Moravec at 309-838-1947 or . For more information visit Chamber Golf Details

FRIDAY, June 5, 11 am – Networking Event – Life in Colerain During COVID-19 Our Friday sessions continue with an interview with our not so new president Dave Moravec. Sylvia Dwertman (Visiting Angels) has graciously agreed to be our guest host. Please be sure to find additional information here, including the ZOOM login/call-in information, which is on the right side of the registration page

TUESDAY, June 9, NOON  – Tuesday Women’s Networking Luncheon – We have decided to continue to host this event in a virtual environment rather than have an in-person networking event with social distancing. Sylvia Dwertman from Visiting Angels hosts this event on the second Tuesday each month, and our hope is that we will return to an in person event soon. This is a chance for the women of our community to gather and share ideas and network. For more information here: REGISTRATION and ZOOM INSTRUCTIONS

WEDNESDAY June 10, 8:30 am – Sales Summit Meeting – The Sales Summit concept brings together sales professionals from the business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) marketplaces to look at sales from a human-to-human perspective (H2H). Sales is a profession and should be looked at this way...Our first meeting had us participating with a group from Illinois, and as a reminder this is not a lead generating event. Instead, it is intended to further professional development. We may be able to meet in person in July; however, our June meeting will be conducted via ZOOM with an agenda to follow. Contact Dave Moravec or visit our Registration Page

FRIDAY June 12 , 11 a.m - Networking Event – Life in Colerain During COVID-19 – Our guest will be local public speaking expert Michael Davis who will be sharing tips and recommended best practices for use of video conference calls. This will be a powerful topic and likely long overdue under the current/future circumstances. Be sure to put this on your calendar.

WEDNESDAY June 17 – Young Professionals Organizational Meeting – For those interested in learning more about how Young Professionals can make a difference in our community, an organization meeting will be held to talk about this effort and gauge interest in leadership roles. For more information contact Dave Moravec at 309-838-1947 or

THURSDAY June 18 , 5 – 7:30 pm New Member Reception and Third Thursday After Hours – The Colerain Chamber of Commerce will be returning to face-to-face networking with social distancing, outdoors at the Vinoklet Winery on. This will also serve as a New Member Reception for all of our new members in 2020. For more information and registration please visit the following link    HERE   .

FRIDAY June 19 – No networking event

FRIDAY June 26 – Networking Event – Life in Colerain During COVID-19 – Topic still TBD

A special thank you to all the people who have shared their expertise and served our Friday COVID-19 Series. It is amazing what wonderful resources we have available in our community. If there is a topic that you would like to see addressed going forward, please reach out and let us know!

Andrew Curtis – Brick Solid Brands
Ann Keeling – Cristofoli Keeling
Brynne Tillman – Social Sales Link
Carrie Pastor – REDI Cincinnati
Eric Bostian – Rumpke Waste & Recycling
Geoff Milz – Colerain Township
Ilyce Glink – Think Glink/Best Money Moves
Jeff Weckbach – Colerain Township
Jennifer Caunin – Clippard Instruments
Lyndsey Creecy – Northwest Schools
Malia Harper – Tri Health
Mike Long – Long Schaefer
Mike Wolterman – Long Schaefer
Molly Yeager – Rumpke Waste & Recycling
Nick Fox – Northwestern Mutual
Rebecca Metzner – Trifecta Marketing
Representative Cindy Abrams
Senator Bill Blessing
Steve Browne – LaRosa’s
Steve Conn – Colerain Fire & EMS Rescue
Susan Bennett – Thrivent Financial
Sylvia Dwertman – Visiting Angels
Todd Bowling – Northwest Schools
U.S. Representative Steve Chabot
Will Mueller – Colerain Fire & EMS Rescue
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