Meet MASON - a SWEET soul, in trouble, needing our help
When a North Carolina shelter called PWD asking us to rescue 5 yr old Mason, we said YES , thinking we were taking on a blind dog that might need one eye surgically removed.

When he arrived it was obvious his eye was very painful. We quickly had him evaluated by our local eye specialist who agreed removal was the best option. This is a procedure we have done MANY times, and we were excited to give Mason the second chance at living a fabulous life - PAIN FREE!
BUT - this was NOT going to be a typical eye enucleation...
Unbeknownst to his medical team, Mason had a RARE fungus ravaging his body and brain.

The eye removed from Mason showed evidence of a fungal infection called blastomycosis.  Deadly if not treated. He received fluids, bloodwork, x-rays, ultrasound, urinalysis, cytology of enlarged lymph nodes, and was placed on several medications to, hopefully, kill the fungus and get him back to good health again. Mason was responding well to his medications until last week.
Neurological issues prompt testing that confirms the fungus is in his brain
On Wednesday February 19th, we noticed some neurological changes, which can happen with this particular infection. This additional complication does not increase mortality; however, it does need to be addressed medically. 

His internal medicine doctor spent hours coming up with an affordable, but still costly, protocol to help Mason get better.
We don't usually ask for financial help for a SPECIFIC dog - but Mason is a special dog that deserves our support
Mason has started a very aggressive IV anti-fungal to kill the blastomycosis in his brain. He will receive a treatment 3 times a week for 6 weeks - at a cost of $250.00 per treatment. He is currently responding very well to the treatments.

After the expense of fluids, bloodwork, x-rays, ultrasound, urinalysis, cytology of enlarged lymph node, a spinal tap, MRI, daily medications, and eye removal - Mason's vet bills may set a record here at PWD - and we will not hesitate to give him every chance we can.
He needs YOUR prayers and financial help!
When is it too much money?

We get asked that question all the time. The dogs that find PWD always need more than vaccinations and spay/neuter. Every dog will need to see a specialist - and sometimes, we can't anticipate the final vet bill or the extent of treatment needed.

So - we look to the DOG! Mason still has a great appetite, is alert and enjoying the new spring smells in the air. We know the days he's not feeling great, but he finds the strength to get up and wag his tail, get outside for a little romp with his friends, showing a fierce desire to beat this - and we will cheer him on everyday. We hope he has your support.
Please be GENEROUS so we can get this wonderful young dog back on his feet and in his forever home
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