Dear St. Paul Parishioners and Friends,

We're writing to share information about two upcoming events that were brought to our attention by our Culture of Life Ministry . Please join us in our efforts to promote a culture of life by taking action today.
You are invited to join Abby Johnson and other pro-life leaders for a National Conference Call/Webinar about the soon-to-be released film, Unplanned , the true story of Abby Johnson. Join us to learn about this film that has the power to turn the tide on abortion in this country.

The National Conference Call/Webinar will take place TODAY , March 14th at 2:00PM .

For more information or to register to join the webinar, click here .
HB-5898: An Act Concerning Aid In Dying for Terminally Ill Patients

A public hearing on H.B. 5898 "An Act Concerning Aid In Dying for Terminally Ill Patients" , which supports the legalization of physician-assisted suicide in Connecticut, will be held on Monday, March 18th at 10:30am in Room 1D of the Legislative Office Building in Hartford. This is the sixth year that such legislation has been proposed by the General Assembly.

Please send an e-mail to your state senator, state representative , and members of the Public Health Committee asking them to vote NO on H.B. 5898, and please attend the hearing if possible!

For more information about HB 5898 , click here .

For more information about the issue of assisted suicide , click here .
Please also continue to pray for the protection of life in our society.

Thank you and God Bless,

St. Paul Parish Culture of Life Ministry