Thank you for a tree-tastic year!
Thanks for making a difference in 2017
This year, you were part of something beautiful.
In neighborhoods across the Mid-Peninsula, people of all backgrounds came together to invest in their community and in one another.
 They worked side-by-side
to plant and care for trees,
explore neighborhood nature,
grow the urban forest,
and celebrate what we can accomplish together.
Thank you to everyone who joined in this year to grow healthy trees and healthy communities!
2017 by the numbers
A look at what you made possible:

Number of new trees planted in local schools, parks, and neighborhoods. Residents and volunteers helped increase canopy cover and worked to bridge the "green gap" in areas where trees are scarce.
Number of trees tended and surveyed by Canopy staff, youth interns, and tree care volunteers. Planting trees is just the beginning; it takes long-term commitment to create a thriving urban forest. Proper care during trees' first few years leads to healthier mature trees that need less maintenance and provide long-lasting benefits.
Planting Leader Jennifer Wei
"I think it's great to go on vacation and go camping in big forests, but most days of most years, we spend most of our time in urban places...having trees there is really important. It makes us healthier, it makes us happier, it helps kids learn better. Trees are a beautiful thing to have in the community and they do so much." - Jenny Wei, Canopy Planting Leader
Number of paid urban forest internships for East Palo Alto teens. Canopy's Teen Urban Foresters participate in every facet of our programs, from leading volunteer groups to delivering lessons for younger students. Interns gain hands-on urban forestry skills and build leadership experience while bringing shade and greenery to their community.

Number of school-aged kids exploring trees and stewarding neighborhood nature. Canopy's interactive science lessons spark curiosity about the natural world and empower students to make a difference through planting and tending trees on their school campus.
Young boys watering a tree on their school campus
"Hands-on learning is always impactful for the second-graders. They will remember this tactile, visual and olfactory lesson for a long time and think of it every time they are around our school trees. They kept saying, 'Cool!'"
- January Nice, 2nd Grade Teacher at Willow Oaks Elementary School

Number of vlunteers making it all happen! Planting leaders, education leaders, pruning and tree care helpers, tree walk enthusiasts, community groups...Canopy's work would not be possible without our dedicated volunteers and partners. The estimated value of volunteers' incredible work this year was close to $230,000.
Thank you so much for being part of the Canopy community.  Warmest wishes for a happy, hopeful new year!
Happy holidays from the Canopy team
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Canopy plants and cares for trees where people need them the most. We bring the life-giving benefits of trees to the schools, neighborhoods, and public spaces of the San Francisco Mid-Peninsula.

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