April 2021
A tribute to a true leader and friend


I was sent reeling recently with the passing of a dear friend and mentor – a person that sent me on the path to coaching and was instrumental in me launching Vision Coaching.

Deb Armstrong was a true leader – a force for good in the field of human resources. She was tough as nails, with high expectations of others and her profession.

But behind that unrelenting exterior was a heart of gold.

A teacher and administrator at the University of New Brunswick Saint John campus, she extended herself to all of her students, especially those new to Canada.
A founder of the Human Resources Association of New Brunswick and owner of Armstrong HR Consulting, she was such a fixture in the profession that after I arrived in Saint John, people would tell me: “You’ve got to talk to Deb.”

And so I did. At the time, I had just co-founded a company called Profiles Global (Atlantic) to support human resources processes in the workplace.

At our first meeting, I dropped the coffee I was holding because, frankly, I was so nervous! We laughed about that encounter for years after.

She spent hours with me in her office – guiding me, cajoling me, pushing me to think more critically about this or that.

She was a coach and mentor like no other. When I asked a question, often her response would be to hand me a book and challenge me to find the answer. (Clearly, I wasn’t the only one tapping into her library – you had to sign the books out!) She was incredible in helping me build confidence in myself with her belief that I could figure things out. 

Although many years have passed, I remember at one point wrestling with how to work with an established team decades my senior that was embroiled in conflict. I can still hear Deb assuring me: ‘‘You’ll be fine, Dave, as long as you put in the effort to prepare.”

And then, one day, she said: “I really believe you’d make an excellent coach.”

Leadership coaching was something I had considered, with curiosity more than anything else. She, along with my wife, encouraged me to explore it and then gave me the confidence to pursue it.

She was instrumental in launching me on the journey to where I am today.

Everyone needs someone like Deb in their corner.

I’m so grateful I had her in my life. Rest in peace, my friend.

Dave Veale
Founder & CEO
Vision Coaching
Influencing through effective communication
At Vision Coaching, we’ve been proud to sponsor a number of virtual training opportunities designed to educate and empower leaders today.

Learn how to better communicate and influence through Communicating with Confidence: Unlock Your Personal Communication Style with Lianne Krakauer

This special two-hour interactive virtual workshop with leadership and career coach Lianne Krakauer will leave you with new insights about who you are and how to leverage that knowledge to communicate more effectively with others.

Every participant will receive a detailed report that reveals their personality based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. With the report, you will gain the knowledge you need to understand your own natural communication style and how to interact most effectively with others.

Join Lianne and Vision Coaching CEO Dave Veale on April 29 to find out what the answers mean for you – and others. More details and registration are available online. But act quickly – registration is limited and ends April 16.
Helping people discover themselves
Every day, Angie Thompson is inspired by the courage of others.

A leadership coach at Vision Coaching with a long and accomplished record as a human resources executive, Angie admires the willingness of people to confront their fears, anxieties, work issues and personal problems to become better versions of themselves.

She’s had to do it herself, and is thankful for the insights from others that have empowered her in work and life. Today, she sees her role as helping leaders learn how to empower others.

'I can't say enough about Angie'
I first met Jeff McAloon more than 15 years ago when he worked as a coach for sales professionals. 

In conversation, I asked him who coaches him. I firmly believe every coach needs a coach themselves – someone to help them be accountable, to be their sounding board, to help them reach their goals.

It was a light bulb moment for Jeff, and it led him to working with Vision Coaching’s Angie Thompson. 

A conversation with Seth Godin
I had the chance, along with friend and colleague Greg Hemmings, to interview well-known entrepreneur, master marketer and author Seth Godin for The Boiling Point some time ago.

His words and advice resonated with me back then, and they are still relevant today – perhaps more now than ever. We recently relaunched the interview as a special combined episode.

Listen in as Seth talks about attracting your audience, the cowardice of perfectionism, the value of patience, the genius of Jerry Garcia and much more.
Forbes has a common-sense read to driving productivity – through making sure your people are happy at work. I particularly like the passage on feedback. Check out Leadership Strategies For Making Employees Happy.
Harvard Business Review
Are You Really Listening? is a sobering and enlightening read from The Harvard Business Review on the importance of leaders taking the time to actively listen to those around them, and the perils of not doing so.