With the holidays just around the corner, are you wishing you had an upgraded kitchen? Dreaming up the perfect kitchen doesn't always come easy. With so many styles and trends, it's easy to feel overwhelmed before you even begin.

Rest assured, MyHome has been designing and renovating kitchens in NYC for 15 years. We  provide a new and improved 6-step method for kitchen remodels. Click here to learn more about our simple process.  

If you want to remodel your kitchen,  start by choosing which style you want. Look at magazines, websites, or watch home remodeling shows to get some design ideas. Then  contact us  for a free design consultation with an Remodeling Consultant. 

Our full-service remodeling approach is guaranteed to make your kitchen renovation easier and more enjoyable for you and your family. 

The MyHome Team
The Closet of Your Dreams
The well-organized closet is a dream we can all attest to as most of us have disorganized, messy closets. All of us have closets and appreciate them, but many of us would rather that our closets were fabulous and organized to perfection.  
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180 West Houston Street 
Complete remodeling of one bedroom apartment. MyHome redid the kitchen, bathroom, changed the layout and installed new wood floors. 
Upper West Side
15 West 81st Street
Complete bathroom remodel in a pre-war Upper West Side Manhattan apartment. 

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