Happy Valentine's Day, friends of PBB!

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Love to Play or Write or Read?

Share the love!!

These cold, cold, days, there is nothing better than finding a book or someone in the house (or on FaceTime) to share a good conversation.

Sharing stories in books and of our lives is essential to the well being of us ALL! We can use them to think, to cope, to laugh, and to love.

Giving children the gift of language and literacy materials is not just good for the child that receives, but also for the good of us all. We are working to create a literate community that can engage in conversation, deliberation, and imagination!

We are partnering with sites/schools/community programs at 91 places across 19 counties to bring children finger puppets to PLAY, crayons, booklets, and composition books to WRITE, and books to READ!

We need YOU!

Over the next year, we will be distributing literally thousands of book bags filled with literacy materials to underserved children at participating community sites and programs. These bags are the true heart and soul of our work, as kids can just feel the love put into each one. We invite YOU to be part of this project. We need people to sew these gems! The book bags can be simple - or fancy. They can be any size, however a finished 10x12 or 11x13 bag works best for all books. In the end, the kids love them all!

If you no longer sew, but have fabric to donate, we would also happily use it.

Email with any questions to Penny: pcampopierce@charter.net

Don't want to sew? But still want to help? Click here to help us fund the books! $1.00 buys one new book for a child. 

Introducing our new INTERN!

Hi! My name is Kallie Crouch. I’m a senior at Mancelona High School and a second-year student in the Front Street Writers program out of the Career-Tech Center in Traverse City. Through Front Street Writers, I have the opportunity to get work experience as an intern at PoWeR! Book Bags. In the short time I’ve been working here, I’ve learned so much about the benefits of play. One of the things that’s really resonated with me was the fact that play has so many different forms, and even something as simple talking with friends or telling a joke is play. I’m so excited to continue learning more about playing, reading, and writing and contribute all I can to P.B.B.

We ARE THRILLED to be working with Kallie this semester!

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Wishing you a cozy book or two, some good conversation, and certainly time for some PLAY!

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