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helmet-goggles June 29, 2018

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The last two weeks at Tailwheel Town

I started flying with Jacob Bliss and we've had a ball working on that pilot's Tailwheel Endorsement.  
Jacob in the irrigation pivot.

The PA12 was brought out to be seen by the photo crew from Orvis, doing a bit of scouting for a photo shoot at Sisters.  They decided not to use the PA12.  Why?  Cause it's "too prett y".  Yikes! That's the first time that an airplane of mine has been "too pretty" to be used!
In one of our flights, Jacob and I seem to have been right behind Tyler Head in his Cessna 140.  It was a bit busy at all airports in Central Oregon, but we had a good time, finishing up our morning flight by following Tyler into Sisters.

Mister Cub and his cronies at Sunrise Valley Ranch.
On last Saturday, I took a day off and went with the gaggle of airport bums over to Sunrise Valley Ranch for breakfast.  We all landed on the grass strip and were trucked back to the lodge where a sumptuous breakfast awaited.
Mark Cahill enjoys the breakfast at Sunrise Valley Ranch.

New Tailwheeler Kelly Stevens showed up to earn his endorsement and we began to fly for the week.  After our first flight on Sunday, that rascal Julie Benson called and asked that we stop an AirCam that was at the fuel pump.  John and Chris Thelan graciously hung out while Julie and Benny

Chris Thelan ready to launch with Julie Benson behind him.

 scampered out to the airport and Julie got a ride with Chris.  She has long wanted an AirCam.  Now she REALLY wants an AirCam!

Julie Benson in the Air Cam.  I think she wants one now!

Kelly finished his Tailwheel Endorsement and also became "Catbox Number 5", meaning that he is only the fifth person to do a touch and go in the "Catbox", a tough feat
Kelly Stevens learns to "Get down" in the pivot.

 indeed!  And, to top things off, I'm contracting with an old friend, Steven Brown, to produce a bunch of Cd's for me.  So it looks like "Nuts From a Blind Squirrel" will fly again!  I'll keep you posted.

My pal, Mike Dennis (Oregon Aero) has published his book, "The Doughnut Boy" and I think it's great.  I'd do more of a review on it but I've just been too busy to read!  I've just gotten into it and there will be more to come when I've had a bit more time.  I will say that the smartest thing ol' Mike ever did was 1. To build a propeller building machine and 2. To hire Gayle Crowder.  What a team they are!

(L) to (R) Mike Dennis, CEO of Oregon Aero and Gayle Crowder, his Research Assistant.

This week's new article on the Tailwheeler's Journal: 

"I don't see how anyone could do that..." is a story featuring a trip across Texas in a pair of 450 Stearmans and why I should never say what I'm quoted in this article as saying!

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"Roller on the Runway" may just contain a lesson on how to handle an obstructed runway and not to always assume the worst!



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